LA Councilor Wants To Defund The Police But (Surprise) He’s A Hypocrite

Written by Wes Walker on August 10, 2020

How often do YOU call the police for help? Unless you’re in a dangerous neighborhood, probably not very often right? You save those calls for emergencies. Because cops are busy enough keeping us safe in a world gone crazy.

So, just HOW dangerous must this LA councilor’s neighborhood be to be on the phone with them this often?

Let’s back up a little. As you probably heard LA councilors voted almost unanimously to cut police funding WAY back. There was ONE dissenting vote.

You might think that people with such a dim view of the police might have as little to do with them as possible.

In most cases, you’d probably be correct. But we are dealing with elected officials, aren’t we? And that changes the math more than a little.

We have the records and a denial.

Decide for yourself who you believe.

A councilor for Los Angeles who voted to slash $150 million from the annual budget of the LAPD has called the police to his house eight times since April, it has been claimed.

Mike Bonin, 53, was among 11 councilors who agreed in June to reduce the annual budget, in the wake of calls to defund police forces across the country following the May 25 death of George Floyd.

On Friday night Bonin was accused of having called the cops to his LA home eight times since April, including requesting protection from protesters.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted a link to a public records request, detailing the calls to Bonin’s Venice Beach home.

Bonin, however, denied that he had made the calls, and said they were generated by the police themselves.

‘I have NEVER asked LAPD for patrols at my house,’ he tweeted in response to Melugin, and described the Fox reporter’s tweet as ‘false’.

‘When protests occurred at the homes of other elected officials and LAPD offered to send patrols to my home as a precaution, I specifically asked for no patrols at my home.

‘Seven of the eight calls you cite were apparently generated by LAPD themselves, sending patrols without my request and often without my knowledge.

..Melugin then hit back, tweeting what he said was a text message from a LAPD source denying that the calls to Bonin’s home were generated by the police, without his knowledge.

‘This was definitely a call for service by Bonin or a member of his staff,’ the text read.

‘The call would have been placed by the resident or someone reporting something happening at that address.’ –DailyMail

It wouldn’t be the only example of government hypocrisy in a defund-the-cops era, either.

WTF: After Agreeing To ‘Abolish Police’, Minneapolis City Council Hires Private Security

After all, their OWN safety is clearly a spending priority.

The taxpayer? They can twist in the wind.

If the judgment of the vast majority of honorable men and women keeping chaos from spilling into our daily lives the way we saw it happen through May and June frightens these people, what would they do if they saw the ORIGINAL tough guy up close and personal?

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