Lebanese Bride Was Posing For Photos When The Beirut Explosion Happened (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2020

The footage is fantastic, but that’s just the beginning of this story. The amazing part is what comes next.

By now, most of us have seen the enormous explosion out of Lebanon with that red plume of smoke and the shockwave that swallowed up the city.

That footage was filmed from a (relatively) safe distance.

THIS footage captured the event in a manner that was far less removed from the force of the blast. The video itself gives perspective on what it must have been like to experience the explosion but doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story.

Immediately after the blast, this picturesque princess was busy tending to the wounded.

Radiant in a long white gown and veil, 29-year-old Lebanese bride Israa Seblani stands smiling and posing for her wedding video. The scene is shattered by a deafening roar, and a powerful shockwave nearly blows her off her feet.

The dramatic footage captured the moment when a massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, killing 135 people and injuring more than 5,000.

Seblani, a doctor working in the United States, helped to check on the injured nearby, before fleeing central Beirut’s Saifi square to safety.

…“I have been preparing for my big day for two weeks and I was so happy like all other girls, ‘I am getting married’. My parents are going to be happy seeing me in a white dress, I will be looking like a princess,” she told Reuters.

“What happened during the explosion here – there is no word to explain … I was shocked, I was wondering what happened, am I going to die? How am I going to die?”

Behind her, piles of smashed glass from the blown-out windows of the hotel where she was due to stay littered the ground, along with crushed remnants of flower arrangements that had adorned banquet tables. –Reuters

We’re glad to see Israa Seblani is unharmed and wish her the very best in her upcoming marriage.

There’s no rule that says you cannot be the very picture of femininity and also a tower of strength and competence in an emergency.

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