Nudist Chases Wild Boar That Stole A Bag With His Laptop

Written by K. Walker on August 7, 2020

This wasn’t the relaxing day at the lake that this man expected…

An unnamed man in Berlin was spending some time at the lake sunbathing in the buff when a wild boar snatched a plastic bag holding his laptop.

A female wild boar along with her two babies wandering out of the forest and into the area with the lake looking for food. The lakeside was filled with nudists sunbathing or swimming. The appearance of the boars made some unsettled, but the animals didn’t seem aggressive.

The boars found pizza in the backpack of a man who had left his belongings on the shore to go for a swim and were looking for more goodies when they stumbled upon an interesting looking yellow, plastic bag, took it and ran off with it.

An older, rather rotund man who remains unidentified (though now we’ve all seen waaay too much of him) realized that it was the bag that contained his laptop and gave chase.

The man was lauded by the photographer who said that he “gave his all” to retrieve his property.

Adele Landauer, an actor and coach who says she took the pictures, wrote that the man “gave his all.”

German daily Bild reported Friday that the man, who wasn’t identified, succeeded in recovering his pilfered laptop.

Landauer said she showed the man the pictures later on and “he laughed loudly and authorized me to publish them.”

Source: Fox 5 New York

Berlin: a naked man chasing a wild pig and piglets through a public park because they stole a plastic bag containing his laptop.See how dangerous plastic bags are to wild life!

Posted by Diane Lindsay on Friday, August 7, 2020

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Yesterday at the lake in Berlin I saw a real hero. A female wild boar with two babies came out of the forest in order to search for food. In Berlin we are free people – we love to bathe in the sun and lake like we are born. So, there were many people laying on their towels completely naked. Many of us were scared but the wild boars seemed to be peaceful. After they ate a pizza from a backpack of a man who was taking a swim in the lake they were looking for a dessert. They found this yellow bag and decided to take it away. But the man who owned it realized it was the bag with his laptop. So, he was very focused and run behind the boars in order to get it back. Everyone of us adored him how focused he stayed and when he came back with his yellow bag in the hand we all clapped and congratulated him for his success. This happens when you’re focused on your goals. xoxoxo Adele . . . #hero #wildboar #berlin #coaching #onlinecourse #digitalcoaching #workshop #businesscoaching #lifecoachingtips #erfolgreichwerden #ausstrahlung #charisma #selbstwert #bewusstsein #kommunikation #selbstbewusstsein #veränderung #gespräch #dialog #selbstverwirklichung #powerfulthoughts #führung #radiance #weiterbildung #zieleereeichen #inspiration #präsentationstraining #publicspeaking #körpersprache #bodylanguage

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He’s lucky that he didn’t get hurt. This was a wild boar with her babies, after all, and he was taking something away from her. You never know how wild animals will act when threatened.

Still, it made a helluva photo.


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