The Ingraham Angle Shows What Would Have Happened If BIDEN Was In Charge When COVID Hit The U.S.

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2020

It’s easy for Biden to hide in his basement and play Monday Morning Quarterback with Trump’s Chinavirus response. But we already know some of what he would have done. And it isn’t pretty.

First and foremost he would NOT have taken swift action.

While Schiff, Pelosi and Biden were super-interested in getting Trump impeached and getting witnesses to point accusing fingers at Trump, Trump was taking action to block travel from known risk areas and quarantining travelers.

He was denounced as a Racist because of it.

A few MENSA rejects went out of their way to frame Trump as racist by staging photo ops in their respective Chinatown districts and encouraging others to do the same. Of course, it was barely a month later that the whole country was shut down.

He also shut down travel from Europe. But by that point, it had already spread.

She gives a list:

  1. Biden wouldn’t have banned travel from China, and wouldn’t have kept tariffs Trump put in place.
  2. Under Biden, illegals would keep pouring in.
  3. Biden would keep you locked down until at least 2021.
  4. Biden’s lockdowns would obliterate economic recovery.
  5. Lockdowns under Biden would lead to other health issues.
  6. Biden would use the pandemic to ram though far-left policies.

Those things together would have Congress throwing endless money at the problem without any consideration about what that would do to the economy. (Honestly, that’s already a problem, but it would be that much worse under Biden).

What Democrats refuse to think about (it’s hard enough getting Republicans to think about it) is what will happen when we bury ourselves in debt.

Whether you look at 1930s Germany or Venezuela more recently, massive debt leads to hyperinflation.

What that recipe does to an economy is nothing short of catastrophic.

It’s easy to sit in your bunker and complain about Trump’s handling of COVID.

But making the right decision at the right time? That’s a lot harder.

Biden not only can’t make the right decision at the right time. He has CRITICIZED the right decision after the fact.

Why is that a problem?

Well, Biden might need this explained to him in crayon, but there is a reason nobody cares whether Joe can do more pushups than the Donald, but that everyone IS quite interested in whether Joe’s elevator still goes to the top floor.

The job of President doesn’t require anyone to punch out another world leader behind the gym.

The job of President DOES require weighing complex decisions with a lot of competing consequences, and choosing the one that best serves the interests of the nation and the world. This includes contemplating secondary and tertiary ripple effects of the original decision.

Of course, we’re not confident Joe even KNOWS the word ‘tertiary’.

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