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WTF? Nutty Nancy Declares That The President And GOP In Congress Are ‘Enemies Of The State’ (VIDEO)

By K. Walker

August 25, 2020 at 9:30 am

Is the botox seeping into her brain?

How the hell does this woman who grinned and had special commemorative pens made for signing the Articles of Impeachment have the gall to say that it's the Republicans that are "trying to interfere in elections"?


This woman has zero self-awareness.

Pelosi is pushing the conspiracy theory that the President is trying to "suppress the vote" by opposing mail-in voting.

Watch Speaker Pelosi's unhinged rant on MSNBC here:

Yikes! Someone needs Snickers!

ClashDaily has covered some of the "snafus" with voting by mail here:

There are some real problems with state-wide mail-in voting, which is very different from absentee voting and the President has said that repeatedly.

Here he is explaining the difference:

You mean just sending out millions of live ballots that can't be verified with signatures could lead to fraud?

The Democrats don't want a transparent system, they just want power at all costs.

Still, it's pretty ballsy to suggest that the people trying to keep the system honest are the ones trying to undermine it.