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6 Epic Keys To Kicking Ass In Life

By Doug Giles

September 18, 2020 at 2:25 pm

Hey Christian. Want to live up to the Apostle Paul's call four your life that the 'God of Peace soon crush Satan underneath YOUR feet'?

It's going to take something more than curling up in the fetal position and praying for the Rapture to sweep you away.

It's going to take a fighting spirit.

Yes, I said a FIGHTING spirit.

What does that look like in the life of a Christian sanctified by God?

Called by God to be separate doesn't mean we have to give up being scrappy.

Au Contraire... you can expect to be thrown head-first into the fight -- whether you want it or not.

Here are six ways that a Christian can live as an overcomer in a world that wants to grind you under its heel.

Ready to step up? Here you go.

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