AWKWARD: Kimmel Gets Neutered On Live TV While Hosting The Emmys (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 21, 2020

Humiliation like this must be the penance the Progressive Pope has to pay for NOT getting canceled over his Blackface appearances.

Jimmy Kimmel, in other years, has been one of the few awards show hosts who somehow managed NOT to crash and burn.

Between that and cancel culture, the hosting gig for awards shows is notoriously difficult to fill. (Just ask Kevin Hart.)

So Jimmy Kimmel (who has been lying low since the start of the Floyd Riots for reasons we think are pretty obvious) crawled out from under whatever rock he was under and hosted the Emmys. They apparently aired last night.

Here is one of the most awkward ‘bits’ you will ever see on television. He’s standing there, playing the role of Anthony Anderson’s whipping boy.

It’s bad, folks.

Almost like watching someone live-stream the castration of an animal.

Only… Kimmel isn’t even flinching.

He is just standing there complacently, accepting his public humiliation as the price of, what? His whiteness?

In the words of The Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya, ‘Humiliations galore.’

Do we feel badly for poor Jimmy?

Nope. Not one little bit.


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