BOBBY HENLINE: Left Uses Veteran’s Image To Hit Trump — Henline Puts Them On BLAST!

Written by Wes Walker on September 11, 2020

The Democrats have been running hard with that bogus Atlantic story about Trump supposedly calling Veterans losers and suckers.

They are happy to use veterans and family members who mourn them as props for purely partisan purposes.

There was the image of Trump shaking the hand of a little boy whose dad was killed in a training accident. The mother was angry about how those images were used to take swipes at Trump. And her little boy was upset by it because Trump has been very kind to him those times they’ve met.

Similarly, Bobby Henline took a stand against some of the memes exploiting his serious injuries for propaganda purposes.

On Laura Ingram’s show, he made a very serious point that should stop those Leftists cold.

There is an alarming number of veterans who commit suicide for various reasons, much of which are connected to concerns of known mental health issues and PTSD.

How do we think one of those men or women who are suffering with the lingering effects of their service might feel if — in addition to being COVID alone, and battling depression, for example — they open their social media only to find their photo splashed everywhere to score political cheap shots.

What happens if that’s the push that takes someone over the edge to make a decision there is no coming back from? Is that cheap shot really worth it?

They pretend to be defending the honor of these vets against ‘OrangeManBad’. But are they just bullying them or worse — dehumanizing them by using them as nothing more than political props?

Can we all think for a moment before we take that cheap shot? A moment’s worth of consideration could save a life