Does This Painting of Lincoln Suggest He Would’ve Supported Trump?

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2020

Trump was the ultimate party crasher — he crashed the party of Lincoln like a wrecking ball. Some of the old deadwood desperately needed clearing.

The RINO insider swamp rats from the think-tanks and consulting groups nervously clutched their pearls and lamented loudly that Trump isn’t like those old favor-trading Washington insiders they loved so much.

If they were as smart as they claim to be, they might have clued in that this was exactly the point of our sending that golden combover to get to work in the Oval Office.

We wanted someone to look all these swamp rats in the eye with his famous catch-phrase ‘You’re Fired’. And this guy isn’t ‘conservative enough’ for you? Who were their heroes again? Let’s see…

They loved McCain — even though his staffer came up with the idea to weaponize the IRS against Tea Party Patriots.

They loved Romney — and we all see what a sulky little bitch he is, selling out his ‘principles’ after failing a job interview with the guy who WAS able to win the White House. If he was the man he pretended to be, he’d man up, tell the truth, and switch parties. He’s no better than that other ‘principled’ RINO, Jeff Flake.

The rightly-named Flake personally blocked judicial appointments because he wanted to put an unconstitutional limitation on Trump’s authority over Mueller.

Real ‘principled’.

Trump, on the other hand, has found ways to keep his promises of putting Americans back to work, defending our sovereignty, closing out foreign wars, crushing ISIS, appointing judges, stemming illegal immigration, standing against anarchistic uprisings in various blue states and cities … all while coloring inside the lines of his Article II powers.

By now, Lincoln himself would have sent troops to crush the insurrectionists. But Trump sees that for the trap it is. Instead, he’s been cross-deputizing State officials to bypass the obstruction of catch-and-release Democrat politicians.

Trump isn’t destroying the party of Lincoln…

He’s saving it.

So — would Honest Abe swap his famous stovepipe hat for Trump’s iconic red truckers’ hat?


The Great Emancipator had his own sense of style.

He’d be rocking something a little more like this:

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