The New ‘Trump Slays The Red Dragon’ Painting Will Trigger Tinkerpots

Written by Doug Giles on September 2, 2020

Let the Brits have their St. George and his dragon… we’ve got President Donald J. Trump.
The American people picked him because he does not back away from a fight, or quit when the battle gets tough.

We’ve seen him these last 3 years. He’s battle-hardened.

  • He’s taken on the Media — and won.
  • He’s taking on domestic terrorism — and winning.
  • He’s taken on the illegal plots of deep-state actors to overthrow his Presidency — and won.
He’s not one to shrink from a threat — foreign or domestic. Capturing that warrior spirit is this latest MAGA-themed painting.
Ladies & Gents. Check out the latest in my Trump Art Series.
Behold! I give you President Trump slaying The Red Dragon. Oil on canvas. 24×36” of dragon-slaying epicness. The ORIGINAL is currently available. We also have prints ranging from $30-$1,700 available.
First-time customers get 20% off and FREE SHIPPING. Boom.
Here’s a closeup: