WATCH: Black Woman Won’t Let Flight Attendant Pass Her In The Aisle Because That Would Be ‘White Privilege’

Written by K. Walker on September 11, 2020

The infiltration of critical race theory into our everyday lives is making people really awful.

Critical race theory, the idea that society’s structure is based on race and power–white people, in particular, are “implicitly biased” and minorities are “systemically” oppressed–used to be something that was restricted to the leftist nuttiness of college campuses.

As Andrew Sullivan put it so succinctly in 2018 during the leftist insanity over the Kavanaugh confirmation, “We All Live On Campus Now.”

Let’s be frank–critical race theory is racist and it creates racists. It’s also antithetical to American values. 

In a video being shared widely on social media, an unmasked black woman refuses to let a white flight attendant pass her in the aisle. The black woman is waiting to go to the bathroom and refuses to step aside. Her reason? It would be “white privilege” to let the woman by. She also accuses the flight attendant of pushing her and “getting aggressive” for trying to get past her. In the video, you can see that it’s the passenger that shoves her forearm into the flight attendant’s arm as she’s pointing at the door that she’s trying to get to.

But the woman goes further…and blasts another passenger that tells her to just allow the flight attendant to pass.

BELLIGERENT WOMAN: The lady gettin’ aggressive with me.

SEATED PASSENGER: You’re not listening

BELLIGERENT WOMAN: I’m not a child. I”m grown. I’m tryin’ to use the bathroom. The lady is–I have to use the bathroom. Now she needs to get to her door. Can I get to my bathroom?


BELLIGERENT WOMAN: (Interrupting) What I gotta listen to? What I gotta listen to? Are you my boss? You are white privilege, you’re not my boss. Sit down. Sit down. Thank you. (Turns to flight attendant) You’re not my boss. (Turns to another passenger) And you’re not my boss. (Turns to flight attendant) You’re white privilege. Sit down. You don’t have privilege over me.


BELLIGERENT WOMAN: Thank you. Now all of a sudden you have to go back here. You wait for me to get to my bathroom and have respect for me like you been havin’.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Call them down…


FLIGHT ATTENDANT: I need to get to my door.

BELLIGERENT WOMAN: Good. And I need to get to my bathroom. So, you wait and respect people. You’re white privilege and it’s not here, it’s over with. It’s 2020. You got a mask on.


BELLIGERENT WOMAN: So you’re under the government, too. You’re confined and you don’t have white privilege anymore. I’m a queen. California. She was from a black queen. (Turns back to seated passenger trying to interject) You don’t talk because you so privileged that you gotta get in at somebody else and tell them “you’re not listening.” I don’t have to listen to you.

SEATED PASSENGER: Then go to the bathroom.

BELLIGERENT WOMAN: You don’t run me. You go to the bathroom. You shut up and stay in your lag.[sic] (Turns to flight attendant) You have nothin’ to do with this, little girl. (Turns back to seated passenger) I’m not talking to you. Listen to your mama she shoulda told–


BELLIGERENT WOMAN: I know you don’t care, you so grown.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Ma’am, I need to get to my door for the harness.

BELLIGERENT WOMAN: Ok, thank you. And I need to go to the bathroom. Like I said, you don’t run people. You don’t run America, you run yourself. So get off your little mentality that you better than somebody because you’re not. (Turns to seated passenger) Yeah, hunh. That’s what I say. You see this little shit right here? This whole little mentality. But you need to understand, you don’t run America no more, sweetheart.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Keep everyone seated at this time. Please, take your seat.

Leftists will say that there is no such thing as racism against white people.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Aaand, I rest my case, Your Honor.

This woman thinks that she is better than those terrible white women because she is a queen.

Oh, really?

Which country does she rule over?

This teaching is absolutely toxic.

Just imagine the outrage if the races had been reversed and a white woman refused to allow a black flight attendant to pass. The op-eds and handwringing about the racism of white Americans would continue for months. But this will be a blip and quickly forgotten.

And that terrible woman won’t feel the sting of “cancel culture” the way a teen wearing a red hat at the Lincoln Memorial did. 

Isn’t it interesting that that incredibly rude woman didn’t get kicked off of the plane for not wearing a mask when an entire flight was grounded just a few days ago because a 19-month old wasn’t wearing a mask.

I guess the flight attendants were concerned about being labeled racist.

This identity politics poison has spread everywhere and it needs to be eradicated for good.

President Trump has removed funding for the propaganda training sessions in critical race theory in federal agencies and he’s threatened to do the same to schools that push the bogus 1619 Project. 

It’s a great start.

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