WOW: Pompeo Gives Good News In Afghanistan That You Won’t See On CNN

Written by Wes Walker on September 11, 2020

Young Americans who were not yet born when those Twin Towers fell have signed up to risk their lives serving in Afghanistan. But that’s about to change.

It may not be making headlines on CNN, but peace is breaking out all over the Middle East during the Trump administration. And we have been active participants in that process throughout the reason.

That sure is a significant change from the Obama/Biden administration that sat on their hands and cheered the so-called Arab Spring while the Middle East burned and ISIS rose to become a quasi nation-state.

Now, not only has Trump’s administration seen the sorts of wins that have caught the notice of the Nobel Prize committee (again!) but September 12th potentially begins a new foray into the amazing possibilities of (relative) peace in Afghanistan.

As a point of reference, here is an excerpt of Obama’s 2013 SOTU speech.

Tonight, we stand united in saluting the troops and civilians who sacrifice every day to protect us. Because of them, we can say with confidence that America will complete its mission in Afghanistan, and achieve our objective of defeating the core of al Qaeda. Already, we have brought home 33,000 of our brave servicemen and women. This spring, our forces will move into a support role, while Afghan security forces take the lead. Tonight, I can announce that over the next year, another 34,000 American troops will come home from Afghanistan. This drawdown will continue. And by the end of next year, our war in Afghanistan will be over.

Beyond 2014, America’s commitment to a unified and sovereign Afghanistan will endure, but the nature of our commitment will change. We are negotiating an agreement with the Afghan government that focuses on two missions: training and equipping Afghan forces so that the country does not again slip into chaos, and counter-terrorism efforts that allow us to pursue the remnants of al Qaeda and their affiliates.

If this peace pans out — and that still remains to be seen — it will be yet another of Trump making good on a promise where Obama failed to deliver on that same promise.

And yet, Mr. ‘wrong on every foreign policy in 40 years’ thinks he would make a better President than Trump?

C’mon, man!

He’s kidding, right?