ANTIFA: Portland’s Thanksgiving Rioters Immediately Bailed Out — Meanwhile, Rioting Boils Over In Paris

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2020

They are smashing and burning their way through the cities, with anarchistic messages and hammer-and-sickle imagery. But they’re just ‘protesters for justice’, right?

Judging by the propaganda these drones have sprayed on the war memorials they’ve been tearing down on Thanksgiving, it looks like these clowns didn’t read our Thanksgiving article, blowing holes through the Thanksgiving-is-evil propaganda they like to parrot.

That article available here:PRAGER U: The Origin Of Thanksgiving As A Holiday (VIDEO)

What they lack in understanding, they more than make up for in ego and arrogance.

On Thanksgiving, they went on yet another crime spree in Portland. (And, you guessed it, thye got off scot-free.)

Videos and images showed red paint sprayed onto the column located in the Lone Fir Cemetery with the words: ‘F**k USA.’

A statue that was mounted on top of the structure was also toppled and seen on the ground covered in red paint.

The memorial, which was erected in 1903, honors soldiers of the Civil, Spanish-American, Mexican, and Indian wars, according to the cemetery’s website. –DailyMail

Rioting is just fine. Just so long as they weren’t attending a large Thanksgiving dinner before that, eh?

Yeah, having these people immediately back on the street without consequence couldn’t have ANY negative effect on society.

Meanwhile, in Paris, more of the same.

Maybe Nadler can explain why this ‘imaginary’ group is so well-financed and highly organized?

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