LMAO: Gutfeld Opens 64-Oz Can Of Whoop-@ss On Media’s Response To Trump’s Court Challenge

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2020

These media morons actually believe they are the ones calling the shots here, and that they have a leg to stand on telling us to ‘move on’.

That’s not even CLOSE to how this is going to play out, chuckleheads.

If you think Trump’s going to roll over when he still has some — what was that phrase Nancy used? ‘arrows in his quiver’ — you’ve clearly not been paying attention.

The contempt these blue bubble media types feel for the ‘deplorables’ and ‘chumps’ the left hates so passionately cuts both ways.

Fact, the media tried to subvert every institution to unseat a President ’cause they lost. They painted him and anyone who supports him as a Nazi ’cause they lost. And they’re still doing it even though they think they won.

[Plays clip of Amanpour comparing Trump’s Presidency to Kristallnacht, which we covered here: THIS IS CNN: Christiane Amanpour Compares Trump’s 4 Years As President To Nazi Germany (VIDEO)]

…So, you wanna know why WE question the election? There’s your answer. If you believe that Trump is a Nazi, an existential risk, it must be your imperative to overthrow him, by any means necessary. And make no mistake, we’ve done so before. We just called it regime change. America has interfered abroad for far less than removing this evil monster named Donald Trump. So why wouldn’t Democracy take a backseat? It already has. And now you see the media mocking those who see this clearly. But that mockery is part of the plan. If you don’t accept the selection at face value, you must be nuts. Sorry, it’s not the case. We’re on to you.

You jackasses tried to ruin lives, businesses and families. Nothing was off-limits. Justifying thuggery at restaurants, homes, you acted like an invading army. Remember how much the press hated Trump’s Deplorables? Well the feeling is still mutual.

And now you whine because we question an election where the discrepancies only go in one direction. Funny, every single abnormality favored Biden. He’s the abnormal president.

But it’s not like they had to hide this stuff. Not when the Democrats knew the media morons would provide cover. After all, they told us who won what WAY too early, wanting so badly to be first. That’s not new. Remember when Dewey defeated Truman? But it’s not about getting it right or wrong, it’s about the damn process. Who does it benefit to call something as soon as possible? America? The Voters? Hell no, just the guy you call it for.

Some FoxNews employees better be wearing their helmets for this one, because they’re getting heavily strafed by friendly fire.

And there’s still another two minutes left in his rant where our transcript leaves off.

Greg Gutfield is ‘just’ a late-night opinion guy with a sense of ha-ha. But if you listen to what he just said in that monologue, there’s more truth about the election in that monologue than you’ll find in most official ‘political analysis’.