Right Or Ridiculous? Theissen’s Eight-Point-Plan For Trump — Concede 2020 To Win 20204

Written by Wes Walker on November 19, 2020

Under increasing pressure from the press, it’s fish-or-cut-bait time for Republicans in the battle over 2020 results. Take the ‘L’ or double down. One writer thinks Trump can win by losing.

The choice, while not easy, is clear.

Letting Biden take the win comes with one set of pros and cons, and waiting for Trump’s legal rights to challenge irregularities to run their course comes with another.

Theissen, in a WaPo op-ed is urging the former. He thinks that doing so will put Trump in a position to win back the White House in 20204.

Here are the 8 points he makes in his article:

  1. Cooperate with the Biden transition while pursuing your legal challenges. (Let him have the Presidential Daily Brief)
  2. When the Electoral College meets on Dec 14 and declares Biden the winner, concede and say you are stepping aside for the sake of the country.
  3. Announce you are running in 2024.
  4. Lead GOP to keep control of the Senate
  5. Deliver an unprecedented farewell address
  6. Preside over a gracious transfer of power
  7. Guide the party to retake the House in 2022
  8. Take back the Presidency

The open question here, naturally, is whether his premises are sound.

His argument requires a few basic assumptions:

(Numbered to match their corresponding points)

1) That a smooth transition will somehow shield Trump from either (a) being blamed bad news/bad press over COVID response or Security Issue even if he ‘does everything correctly’ or (b) being used as a convenient scapegoat for each and every one of Biden’s policy failures, or BadThings™ happening during a Biden presidency.

Is it really fair to assume that anyone in the media (or social media) is operating in good faith?

2) That Biden’s win is a foregone conclusion, and that ballots cast for Biden are above suspicion.

6) That the clearly corrupt media machine will allow ‘OrangeManBad’ to be perceived as anything other than the Personification of Evil Authoritarianism from whose iron grip the heroic Dems have sallied forth to save America… blah, blah, blah.

In their imagination, they already have Trump making a despeate last stand with a Tommygun yelling ‘you’ll never take me alive, copper!’ Do we really accept that this crowd will describe even the most magnanimous of transfers of power as anything less than Trump desperately clinging to power that is being ripped from his ‘cold dead hands’?

8) That the political landscape between now and 2024 remains relatively stable. Those are some Big ‘ifs’ over which many on the Right have already disagreed.

So, should Trump fold his hand and regroup for 2024, or should he press on with the fight?