This Trump Victory Art Is Hilarious MAGA Gold!

Written by Doug Giles on November 10, 2020

To celebrate President Trump’s victory over Sleepy Joe we’re offering these two new Trump paintings by Doug Giles and one of the originals is currently available! We also have Limited Edition prints available and standard prints, of various sizes, for every budget. These make great gifts for the Trump supporter. New customers get 20% off and FREE shipping.

If you thought that ‘Madam President’ magazine cover from 2016 was delicious – this will be even better.

Forget what everyone is saying about ‘President-Elect’. None of that came from official sources.

Trump is gearing up for a fight in court that he’s pretty confident he can win.

For those who share his confidence, we have two new art pieces available to celebrate that win.

First, an art piece playing off of a familiar historical photo…

‘Biden Defeats Trump’ prints are available.
*Original is SOLD*

Get your own copy here, with two different options:

Limited Editions

Copies from $28.95

And second …

An art piece showing Trump enjoying the trophies of his victory.

‘Trump Enjoying His Win’ prints are available.

So is the original. 

Get your own copy of this one, with two different options:

Limited Edition Prints

Copies starting at $29.97