COVID-19 Vaccine: Just Say “No!”

Published on December 10, 2020

By: Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

You simply must avoid herd mentality which would have you race out and get the new COVID-19 vaccine. As I will explain, this new vaccine has the potential to cause you tremendous harm.

As you are probably well aware, the COVID-19 vaccines are already being rolled out. Healthcare workers, nursing home residents and other high-risk individuals will be included in the initial round. Yet once the vaccines are available in sufficient quantities, all adults including those who are young and healthy with no risk factors, will be pressured to get vaccinated. There have been discussions that the state or federal government may require mandatory vaccinations.

The safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine is questionable at best, despite the public health bureaucrats’, politicians’, and fake news’ glowing reports about it. Information about the harmful side effects of this vaccine is not readily available, or has been withheld to reduce skepticism and increase compliance by the public.

On October 22, 2020, the FDA issued its Plans for Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness. In its plan, the FDA compiled a working list of possible adverse event outcomes from the COVID-19 vaccine.

It really boils down to this. How many of these possible adverse effects listed above are you willing to risk, experience, live with or die from, especially if you have a strong immune system and a 99.97% likelihood of surviving a COVID-19 infection?

The theory behind conventional vaccines is to inject a small amount of viral protein into your body, which will cause your immune system to produce antibodies to the virus.  

The COVID-19 vaccine works differently. It will be the first of its kind, an mRNA vaccine. Historically, all vaccines have undergone animal safety testing. The COVID-19 vaccine is the first ever to not be scheduled to undergo any animal safety testing.  So humans are literally going to be the guinea pigs.

The theory behind the mRNA vaccine is that when it is injected into your body, it will cause your cells to produce the coronavirus protein. In turn, your immune system is expected to produce antibodies to the coronavirus protein made by your own cells. How crazy does this sound? So I am going to let some mad scientist inject mRNA into my body to cause my DNA to produce a coronavirus protein. No matter what anyone says, this will change your genetics, and it’s never been done before. Bill Gates seems to be the individual who is funding all these mad scientists. Remember, Bill Gates believes that the world needs to be depopulated and has stated on a YouTube Ted Talk that vaccines are one of the ways to achieve this. Who can be sure what else is being put into the vaccine to affect your DNA?

What we have learned in trying to create vaccines for different types of coronaviruses is that the vaccine stimulates the production of two different types of antibodies. One of the antibodies fights the virus, and the other antibody only binds to the virus with no effect. Tragically, this can actually make the disease worse.

Vaccines using mRNA in animal studies have resulted in an increase in the risk of cancer.

You may not be aware that pharmaceutical companies are also protected from lawsuits for any injury caused by vaccines. In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which removed pharmaceutical companies’ liability for vaccine injuries. A Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was created to evaluate and compensate individuals harmed by vaccines, basically letting pharmaceutical companies off the hook.

For virtually all vaccines and drugs, post-approval adverse side effects crop up, and sometimes they are serious enough to result in withdrawal from the market. Some of you may recall the swine flu debacle of 1976. At the government’s urging, using incessant propaganda,

46 million people were vaccinated.

When it was all said and done, only one person died from the swine flu, but the vaccine caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of serious injuries, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a serious neurological disorder.

Because the health bureaucrats are planning to vaccinate a large percentage of the population, there will inevitably be a substantial number of serious side effects. In fact, the British government is working with “extreme urgency” to set up a software system to handle “the expected high volume of Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions,” which they anticipate will overwhelm their current system. These actions by the British healthcare system should be a warning to you that the COVID-19 vaccine will be accompanied by serious adverse health effects.

In the rush to get vaccines to market, policymakers seem to be just taking the drug companies’ word that their vaccines are safe. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the media’s go-to COVID pundit, had this to say after Britain approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. “They just took the data from the Pfizer company. And instead of scrutinizing it really, really carefully, they said, OK, let’s approve it. That’s it.’ And they went with it.”

So the question is, “Should anyone be vaccinated at all?” My answer is no. I have already written about the benefits of taking Ivermectin for preventative therapy, as well as strengthening your immune system through vitamin and mineral supplementation, healthy eating, natural hormone replenishment, support of the adrenal gland, treatment of allergies, exercise, a good night’s sleep, and getting down to an ideal body weight. You should take charge of your health.

Government health bureaucrats, politicians and the fake news media are heralding this vaccine as a cure-all for COVID-19, but don’t hold your breath. Vaccines will not eradicate this coronavirus which causes COVID-19, any more than the flu vaccine has eliminated the flu. These viruses mutate, and the vaccination you receive will be of the previous year’s virus.

By the time the vaccine is widely available, an estimated 20–25% of Americans will have already had COVID-19, and we will be well on our way to herd immunity. Herd immunity is far more effective than a vaccine could ever be.

There has been serious discussion about requiring proof of vaccination or immunity prior to traveling, returning to work or school, participating in sports and other activities and more. “Big Brother” is already an overbearing influence in our lives, and forced vaccinations are a direct attack on your Constitutional rights and liberties, which destroy your personal choice and freedom. No one should be able to force you to get vaccinated.

As an American, you have the Constitutional right to just say “No!”

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.