COVID: ‘If You Take It You Will Not Get Sick’ — Testimony At Senate Hearings

Written by Wes Walker on December 10, 2020

Earlier this year, Dr. Kory gave testimony on the use of steroids in COVID treatment that revolutionized the standard of care. This week’s testimony is even more game-changing, but Dems want to demonize him.

Unlike some of the ‘experts’ who pull a professional opinion out of their ass, or build computer models that have no likeness to reality, this guy has been on the ground, leading treatment efforts within his field of specialty.

He defied the ‘conventional wisdom’ of all the ‘official’ voices by showing studies and data that supported the implementation of steroids in the treatment of patients. His recommendations were adopted, to the great improvement of treatment efforts of those who are sick.

He also turned his efforts to an area of interest that was strangely ignored by the official agencies (namely, the CDC, NIH, and FDA). They did not look at repurposed treatment applications of existing drugs, but instead focussed on ‘novel and/or expensive pharmaceutically engineered drugs’. (Which raises some obvious questions about motivation.) [time stamp 7:28-8:02]

The organization this doctor has been working with over these last 9 months, that studies published research from all over the world, has stepped into that void.

He makes one of several bold statements in favor of a treatment the American system has been largely ignoring. This is odd, considering this same medication was associated with a Nobel Prize winner only 5 years ago.

“…we have a solution to this crisis.” [8:24]

“…and when I say miracle, I do not use that term lightly [8:32]… that is a scientific recommendation based on mountains of data that has emerged in the last 3 months.” [9:07]

The NIH recommendation against this drug’s use was made in August — before data had been gathered from any of these worldwide studies. [8:50]

The drug’s name is Ivermectin. The Nobel Prize this drug was associated with involved the near-eradication of other illnesses.

With its use in humans, Ivermectin “is so successful that these diseases are on the verge of eradication, which would be a major feat in the medical history of humankind,” said the Nobel Assembly. –Borgen

“It basically obliterates transmission of this virus.” [9:16]

“If you take it you will not get sick.” [9:20]

“It is proving to be an immensely powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent. [9:23]

“Early treatment is key. We need to offload the hospitals. We are tired.” [10:11]

“Any further deaths are needless deaths.” [10:22]

“All I ask is for the NIH to review our data that we’ve compiled of all the emerging data. We have almost 30 studies. Every one is reliably and reproducably positive showing the dramatic impacts of Ivermectin.” [10:57]

There’s more, including a study involving 1200 health care workers in Argentina. 800 got prophylactic treatment with this drug, 400 did not. Of the 400 that didn’t, 58% or 237 health care workers got sick. Of the 800 that did, not a single one got sick.

Watch the whole thing, and then ask yourself…

Why the hell hasn’t little lord Fauci been looking into studies that involve drugs we already have on hand?

This is the guy Biden wants to make responsible for Health Care generally… he was sitting on solutions we already had on hand in favor of what… a medical patent?

Who’s pocket is Fauci in?

And if not the great and glorious little lord Fauci… who’s been calling these shots?

This is a good time to highlight the difference between Democrats who lobbed rhetorical smears at an actual doctor and researcher… while walking out of the hearing to show the world that they ‘believed the science’. Look at his testimony and ask which side is really politicizing the issues and refusing to believe the science?

Dr. Kory stood up like a man and told people in power things they didn’t want to hear because he believed it would serve the public good. That’s what a civil servant is supposed to look like… isn’t it?

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