COVIDICTATORS: Shoppers Flip Out When One Woman Says ‘No Mas’ To The Mask (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2020

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One woman shopping in a store with no mask freaked people out. They tried to shame her for it… so who’s really the ‘crazy’ one?

Let’s take another look at what’s going on here.

A woman is going about her business, shopping. There aren’t many people in the store to begin with, and she’s not exactly standing close to anyone.

The fact that she’s conspicuous in the fact she’s not wearing a mask draws the attention of several other shoppers who take it upon themselves to micromanage the maskless woman’s life.

There is no rage. There is no unhinged behavior.

It’s just the simple response of a woman who’s decided she’s done playing along with rules that keep changing on the fly, and aren’t just lacking the force in law, but any logical defensibility.

The woman has no symptoms, she knows it, and she’s got the data on her side.

What are the lemmings going to do about it? They tried shame, but that wasn’t working. They tried threats, but because she knew her legal rights, she didn’t fear that either.

She didn’t need to shriek or wave her arms, or even raise her voice.

Instead, she raised objections to their assumptions.

She raised awareness about the medical data that runs counter to the narrative — namely that there is no statistical evidence supporting assumptions that COVID has asymptomatic spread.

Without knowing more about who the original person to film and upload this video is, we have to consider two possibilities.

The person who posted it was ‘outing’ the lady without the mask, or they were cheering her on.

It’s bad enough if someone is so miserable that they feel a need to generate an internet dogpile on some stranger for the ‘sin’ of not wearing a mask. It’s almost worse if this is a call to action, and to be brave like this woman.

How far have we fallen as a society if not wearing a mask has become some kind of a ‘Red Badge Of Courage’?

Let’s raise that bar, setting our standards of courage against bold deeds and true heroism.

Start here.

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