Dr. Fauci Says That Even After Being Vaccinated, Keep Following Social Distance And Mask Guidelines(VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2020

Using ‘the greater good’ as an excuse to seize power? Piece of cake. Getting them to relinquish that power once they’ve got it? THAT’s the hard part.

We’ve come a long way since ‘fifteen days to slow the spread’ when the only stated objective was to keep the hospitals from getting so overwhelmed with patients that they couldn’t provide care to people who needed it.

Back then, there was no pretense that anyone had a magic wand that would magically keep everyone alive. Medical personnel would bend over backward and do everything they could to minimize the damage, and that’s all they could promise. A lot sure has changed since those days, hasn’t it?

Now we’ve got Little Lord Fauci turning the screws tighter and tighter on an economy he has – personally — helped burn to the ground just as surely as any BLM/Antifa anarchist.

He has opinions to offer on what Americans should expect now that the vaccine rollout has begun in earnest. You’d think that would be the silver bullet everyone has been waiting for, right?

We can finally stop cowering in fear and go back to living our lives?

Nope. After all, what the hell does he care? It’s not like anyone’s threatening a GOVERNMENT shutdown or anything. He won’t be missing any paychecks.

Here’s what he had to say to the little people being crushed under the heels of various panic-merchant governments:

Could somebody PLEASE give this guy the hook already?

Surely his fifteen minutes are overplayed by now.

Of course, we all know why that will never happen. Power-mad politicians need the cover of an ‘expert’ swamp creature like Fauci (who’s spent 5 decades working in DC, and may not have actually seen the inside of a clinic in many of our lifetimes) as window-dressing to green-light their political agenda.

Freedom — at least, as we understand it — is NOT a word you’ll find in the left’s working vocabulary.

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