Left Floating Insidious Plan To Decimate Religious Education ‘Would Cease To Exist’ — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on December 27, 2020

We already saw Kamala Harris trying to block a POTUS nominee for membership in a Catholic service org, would you REALLY put this past them?

In case you haven’t noticed, the secular left hates — HATES — religious belief, unless that religious belief can be folded neatly within their larger political aims.

The more traditional expressions of Christian belief have been notoriously resistant to the cultural corruption of ‘Progressive’ politics. In many ways, this is what the culture wars center on — the Left’s insistance that we move cultural goalposts over the next libertine horizon, and traditional Christians saying not just no, but HELL no.

This tug-of-war process has been playing out for generations. Given a chance, if they cannot co-opt it for their cause, the left would gladly do away with the church entirely.

An organization on the left may have hatched a scheme intending to accomplish exactly that… stripping away religious freedoms under the guise of protecting a different kind of freedoms.

The plan — outlined in a recent Human Rights Campaign manifesto titled, “Blueprint for Positive Change” — urges the incoming Biden administration to mandate compliance with their political agenda by stripping accreditation from religious colleges and universities that don’t meet “nondiscrimination policies and science-based curricula standards” regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

The objective, which is one of 85 policy recommendations submitted by the LGBTQ advocacy group, demands that the Department of Education amend language found in the Higher Education Opportunity Act that presently requires accrediting agencies to respect a school’s “stated mission.”

The department, HRC argues, “should issue a regulation clarifying that this provision … does not require the accreditation of religious institutions that do not meet neutral accreditation standards including nondiscrimination policies and scientific curriculum requirements.”

Should the plan be carried out, it would effectively dissolve religious higher education institutions in America as many employers do not hire applicants without a degree from an accredited school.

Babin responded to the plan, saying, “Here, couched in language designed to suggest moral superiority and scientific legitimacy, is a blatant, full-frontal assault on our religious liberties.

“The Human Rights Campaign is not simply suggesting that Christian institutions comply with the left’s view of ‘nondiscrimination,’ but rather it is forcing institutions to either abandon the tenants of their religious beliefs or face severe consequences. Haven’t we seen this play out in history before, such as the Soviet Revolution and Mao’s Cultural Revolution?” he added. –The Blaze

It seems like only yesterday that they were asking the question ‘how does it hurt you if two dudes want to get married’, doesn’t it?

Now we’ve gone from bake the damned cake, to choose our secular beliefs over your religious ones… or else.

It’s hardly the first time believers have been between a rock and a hard place.

Here’s how leaders of the faith have stood up to be counted when it counted before. The chapter on Esther is especially relevant to this situation.

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