OOPS: Russia’s COVID Fatality Rate Was WAY Higher Than Ours…Who ELSE Was Lying?

Written by Wes Walker on December 30, 2020

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The leftist media got a lot of miles trying to make Trump solely responsible for everything that went WRONG during COVID while giving ZERO credit for anything that went RIGHT.

That’s kind of an interesting take considering health care is a STATE responsibility not a Federal one but hey, to hell with Federalism, right? It’s only the Constitution, after all.

But that old saw about a lie going around the world before the truth gets its boots on is ringing true again. This time, it’s about how well USA has done relative to other parts of the world.

(We note that our numbers really ought to have an asterisk beside them because most of the American fatality figures have been in a handful of states, and the lion’s share of THOSE fatalities have been in the botched handling of their nursing homes and similar facilities where at-risk elderly people receive care.)

That certainly hurt the numbers, and we’ve got legislators wanting audits for these numbers after deaths involving cases of drowning and auto accidents are showing up in the COVID count.

We were assured by the media that was horrible, we should panic, and we are all dropping like flies.

None of them bothered to give us reference points to see how well we were fairing against comparable large countries.

Since USA has the world’s 3rd highest total population, our numbers would naturally seem higher than the numbers put up by other countries. But what about an apples-to-apples comparison ? How have we been doing PER CAPITA?

Better than the news people would have you believe, actually.

This revised number took Russia from 54th-worst country to 3rd in terms of per-capita deaths.

So much for his propaganda.

President Vladimir Putin has previously claimed the country has done a ‘better’ job managing the pandemic than Western nations, despite some Russian experts saying the government was playing down the outbreak.

But the Rosstat statistics agency said that 186,057 people had died from coronavirus in the country between the start of the pandemic and November, compared to the official death count of just 55,265.

…The revised figure means only the US (330,000) and Brazil (191,000) have suffered more coronavirus deaths than Russia.

But only San Marino and Belgium have endured more fatalities for the size of their population, with Russia’s official count being equal to 37.8 deaths for every 100,000 people but jumping to 128.7 with the updated toll. For comparison, the UK’s death rate stands at 107.11 and the US’s 102.34.

Who else might have been lying about — or simply unable to collect, process, or even test — their numbers?






There’s no WAY China has been upfront about the implications of the Wuhan virus. They’re probably just carrying on like normal, like the so many of rest of us would like to be, if our society weren’t wracked with paroxysms of fear about catching it.

Yes, it kills people. But so do a hell of a lot of other things in life, and we live it anyway.

Adults used to call that a ‘calculated risk’.