Watch Them Panic: Wikileaks Exposing Dirty Secrets… Making ALL That Data Public!

Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2020

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It’s more than just a dump of Hillary’s emails — yes they are here too — this is a treasure trove of potentially sensitive information from around the world.

If there’s anything like a real journalist left in the industry, there will be all kinds of opportunity for juicy leads in here. Not just the stand-alone file of Clinton emails that are sure to be of interest to many of us on the right, but leads on a whole range of topics that don’t care at all about politics on the right or the left.

While some of it will undoubtedly be sensitive materials we’d rather not see go public, the chronic misuse of the excuse of ‘secrecy’ to hide malicious and partisan acts by our own government has done a lot to change public perception about leaks like these.

We’ve not yet really had a chance to unwrap this Christmas present and see how much in all these promising boxes is good and how much is garbage, but we can give a little peek into what you can expect.

First, we’ve got a handy indexed menu of all their files (hyperlinked, of course) so that you can get a sense of what you’re looking for before you dig in.

It’s organized by country and topic going back to the late 1990s.

One juicy link we’ve looked at goes back to the infighting between Clinton and Obama in the 2008 primaries… in which McCain figures into their plans.

There’s also a CRAP-ton of links about Scientology.

Gitmo Supreme Court censorship is one topic in the list. European dumping of nuclear and hazardous waste in impoverished and lawless nations like Somalia is another.

Chinese weapons to Zimbabwe is yet another link.

The range of topics is wide and varied. There are, as you might expect, a significant emphasis on US military topics, including blackwater.

What else might you find?

Pandemic vaccine options from 2009. A Peace Corps coverup in Cameroon.

Venezuela. The Vatican Bank.

A 2006 article saying Media IS the battlefield.

A bunch of Swine Flu information. Considering the role Biden and Fauci both played back then, anything damning in that batch would be a thorn in both of their sides.

Wesley Snipes’ tax details.

Some of it is minor, like secret frat rituals. Others, like nuclear sites, and Soviet tech manuals, not so minor.

Not so minor at all.

If his goal was to kick a hornet’s nest… it looks like he’s done it.