WATCH: Trump Tweeted A Video Asking The Questions Tech Tyrants Don’t Want You Asking

Written by Wes Walker on December 24, 2020

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Since when are questions or demands for transparency dangerous? Aren’t they only dangerous to someone with a secret?

Not surprisingly, when Trump tweeted out this video, it got the left’s standard fact-checker treatment.

We do all know where those ‘fact-checkers’ originated, don’t we? That was part of Clinton flunkie David Brock’s explicit plan to squeeze the political right out of social media and — it hoped — the news business entirely. MEDIA MATTERS WAR PLAN 2017 Description:David Brock’s 49 page war manual for defeating the American right.

Anyway, back to the President’s tweets. The left solemnly assures us that it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’ to claim there has been malfeasance in this election.

They claim we have no evidence, and then shout us down when we present any. The goalposts keep shifting from ‘no evidence’ to ‘no good evidence’, to not enough to change the election, and so on.

And they feign ignorance that our accusations rely on different lines of argument. Ballot tampering is very different than vote-buying in Nevada, or deliberate orchestrated exclusion of poll watchers, or mysterious suitcases rolled out when poll watchers go home for the night, or changes to the voting rules (contrary to existing law) made by people not constitutionally authorized to alter the rules, or chain of custody issues, and so on.

Endless reams of evidence and affidavits are dismissed as irrelevant. But we’re expected to have deep and unflinching confidence in the unimpeachable integrity of the process that has played out.

Here’s the video posted by the President — not in some wild-eyed accusation and speculation, but with a simple presentation of some of the key concerns and questions that have been raised so far since November — or even earlier.

This video doesn’t just ask the questions…

It points to a broader influence that unites the problems.

It goes further still… not just complaining about that problem, but proposing an actionable solution that any patriot could use to send a message and be a positive change moving forward.

Gee, we can’t possibly imagine why Big Tech wouldn’t want this video out in the open… can you?