CLAIM: Georgia’s Absentee Ballots Being Loaded Onto Trucks And Shredded (AUDIO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 1, 2021

Not four hours after the optical scanning audit of absentee ballots was ordered, the shady behavior had already begun.

The same white-hat tech engineer that had broken into Georgia senate runoff voting machines — addressing the Senate Judiciary subcomittee in real time — put forward a plan to use his optical scanning tech to weed out bogus ballots with different paper, different ink, computer-generated pen marks etcetera.

It was a solution that didn’t require a controversial step of looking under the hood of the voting machines or complex theories about algorithms. It was a simple forensic examination of physical evidence.

Support for this audit was unanimous. HEY DEMS: Georgia Green-lights High-Tech Audit Of Absentee Ballots… Are You Nervous?

After four years of Democrats complaining that 2016 was ‘rigged’ by the Russians — despite all evidence to the contrary — while ALSO telling us that raising any concerns whatsoever about Biden’s ‘miraculous’ comeback win in 5 battleground states in the middle of the night is a ‘conspiracy theory’, an audit of the paper ballots might seem like exactly the vindication the left wanted to rub their face in their great victory.


Strange, then how less than four hours after the audit of these paper ballots in Georgia is called for, we are hearing reports that these ballots — which by LAW must be preserved for a set number of months — are being loaded onto trucks and, if the report is accurate, shredded.

Why would anyone want ballots destroyed during an audit? Is there an innocent explanation? Perhaps, but none come immediately to mind.

Corrupt motives for doing that, on the other hand? Those are easy to come up with.

It feels like we’ve seen this movie before, doesn’t it?

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