Election 2020: D’Souza Says Biden KNEW The Fix Was In — Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2021

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Investigators aren’t limited to hard forensic evidence when following leads in solving crimes. There’s another line of evidence, and D’Souza thinks he’s stumbled on some key details.

Investigators look for clues in human behavior.

The human behavior D’Souza is looking at is Joe Biden’s behavior.

Certain behaviors you might expect to see in a man who believes he won ‘fair and square’ in a landslide are strangely absent.

Other behaviors you might have expected to see on election night in a man whose only path to victory required overcoming serious deficits in a handful of battleground states, was a certain level of cautious or guarded optimism. But that’s not what we saw that night, is it?

What makes people question the results in this vote is exactly the sort of cumulative evidence that forms the entire basis of the modern scientific method.

Different lines of evidence, from the systematic removal of safeguards, serious statistical anomalies, data glitches, thousands of affadavits, an expert testifying that he had accessed (in real time) the Georgia runoff election that used the same ‘tamper-proof’ sytem as 2020, among many others were all pointing in the same direction.

You can now add Dinesh D’Souza’s observations to the pile.

But we’re supposed to accept the say-so of the same people who are still bleating about Russian Collusion with Trump that this election was locked up as tight as a drum?

Are you really buying that?

We didn’t think so.

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