HEY GEORGIA: You Can STILL Let Your Voice Be Heard — Here’s How

Written by Wes Walker on January 2, 2021

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The fat lady hasn’t sung yet in Georgia, folks.

The Governor has already thrown in the towel. That much is obvious.

But you can still let your voice be heard.

But that becomes a lot easier when you’ve got a good sense of what your options are, and where you can turn when so many doors seem to be closed.

Well, there’s one place you could start… the people who have actual Constitutional authority over who picks state electors.

It’s not the Governor.

It’s not a panel of judges.

Since the very beginning, this power has been vested in the elected body most directly accountable to the individual voters of each state.

THAT is who needs to hear from you.

And how do you light a fire under their asses? You could start here:

There’s still time to melt down those phone lines, folks!