VIRAL VIDEO: Police In Canada Forcibly Break Up ‘Illegal’ Gathering Of 6 People In A Private Residence

Written by K. Walker on January 3, 2021

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Some parts of Canada are cracking down on COVID in a way that should be very concerning to anyone who values individual liberty.

The province of Quebec has had the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Canada and the most deaths attributed to the coronavirus. Like most places, the vast majority of deaths — approximately 64% — occurred in nursing homes. Quebec is the second-most populous province with approximately 8.4 million residents following its neighbor, Ontario with a population of 14.4 million. There is frequent inter-provincial travel along the border, especially in the National Captial Region of Ottawa-Gatineau where government buildings sit on both sides of the Ottawa River that divides the provinces.

In November, the government of Quebec announced that it was easing restrictions slightly to allow families to gather in a limited way over the holidays in their homes.

This is litigator-turned-YouTuber, David Freiheit, (his YouTube moniker is “Viva Frei“) who just so happens to live in Quebec. He was interviewed on a Canadian news show about the easing of holiday restrictions and posted a video from his perspective. He calls the restrictions what they are — a “Civil Rights free-fall” where the government presumes that it has the right to restrict families from gathering and deeming visits to your home “illegal.”

He’s right. These forced lockdowns are an outrageous affront to individual liberty.

When COVID cases began to surge in the province in early December, however, the Quebec government pulled that back and prohibited gatherings unless you were living alone. Those individuals would still be permitted to join one other household in a “bubble” for the holidays.

What about a couple? Could a couple go visit one home for New Year’s Eve?

Apparently not.

This is an “illegal” gathering of six people in Gatineau, Quebec, part of the National Capital Region just a stone’s throw from Ottawa.

I’m Canadian and my French is a bit rusty… but in the video, while the officers are dragging one man out of the home, you can hear someone saying “Lancez le!” which means “throw him” or colloquially, “hit/shove him” and a woman yells that he needs to breathe. There is then a discussion about a shoe that the woman standing in the snow seems to be missing, and one woman off-camera gets very angry with a female officer saying that they’re taking away her son.

Here’s a fun game — watch the video again and count the police officers.

Did you count more than six?

I’m pretty sure that all of those officers don’t live in one household and they’re gathering in that family’s yard.

Now, this is only part of the interaction, and we don’t know what led up to this moment. As we’ve seen with the Nick Sandmann video, despite what our Media Betters™ constantly do, it’s not wise to quickly judge based on a snippet of information. According to Gatineau Police, the man being hauled off was refusing to cooperate and had hit an officer.

“The individuals were recalcitrant and refused to collaborate. The individual arrested in the video had committed an assault on an officer, hitting him in the face a few times,” the tweet said in French.

According to CTV News, a spokesperson for Gatineau police said the man was charged with assault and obstructing an officer, and the owner of the home was charged with refusing to provide personal information. Both have been released.

Everyone in attendance was fined $1,546.
Source: National Post

While hitting an officer is not acceptable, why did that happen? Was the officer forceful before that? Did he just haul off and hit a cop? That’s not clear.

And did you catch that? Every person in attendance has been fined and we don’t even know if a single person in that group of six was COVID-positive. What the hell is going on here?!

So, why were the police there physically dragging that man out of his parents’ home at all?

The 10 or so officers were there because a neighbor snitched that two people were visiting family on New Year’s Eve.

Gatineau police say two people were arrested on New Year’s Eve and fines have been handed out after a confrontation that started over a gathering in a private home.

Police were called to a home on rue Le Baron at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday after they received a complaint. There, they found six adults inside.

Indoor and outdoor private gatherings are currently prohibited in Gatineau under Quebec’s COVID-19 response.
Source: CTV News

It’s important to note that this is the same province that has apparently taken “uncooperative” COVID-positive individuals and sent them to “undisclosed” quarantine facilities. This is completely legal in Canada because of something called the “Quarantine Act” of 2005 according to our YouTuber “vlawger” buddy, Viva Frei.

See what they’ve done there? Canadians are turning on their neighbors for a gathering of six people in a private residence because they’re so terrified of a virus that has a 99.975% survival rate in Canada. 

Schools are closed, businesses are shut down, and families can’t gather. It’s been 293 days since we were told it would be “15 days to slow the spread” and we’re just adding to the suffering of lost businesses, lost family members, no funerals, kids missing out on their education, and, frankly, their childhood… for what exactly? Because Quebec hasn’t done a great job protecting nursing home residents? Yeah, that seems to be the case.

Don’t think that the good ol’ U.S. of A. is immune to this kind of insanity. It isn’t. Just look at the restrictions in New York and California.

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