WTF: Obama’s Pentagon Proposed BIZARRE Solution To Stopping Middle East Terrorists (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2021

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We can certainly appreciate ‘out of the box’ solutions to problems facing our military. But were we actually giving this one serious thought?

In a video marked as having originated from the DOD in 2014, a conversation about the relevant brain chemistry of Islamic fundamentalists compared to their more moderate counterparts.

This presentation sounds as if it is making the claim that a specific virus acts as some kind of a ‘vaccination’ from being radicalized.

And here you were thinking the ‘mind virus’ subplot to Inception was some trippy stuff.

From just after the 30 second mark, he’s saying…

“…but by studying this virus we’re going to eliminate individuals from putting on a bomb vest and going into a market and blowing up…”

At about 2:45…

“…the concept I am proposing … the virus would immunize against this … gene and … essentially turn a fanatic into a normal person and we think this would have major effects on the Middle East.”

That’s weird, sure, but it’s not even the weirdest part of the video yet.

“…and the tests we have done so far have used respiratory viruses such as the flu or rhinoviruses and we believe that’s the satisfactory way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population…”

Pretty sure those of us who’ve lived through 2020 might be able to dream up an objection or two to this particular strategy.

Oh, and Jurassic Park sends its regards.

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