Mexico Wants Biden To Take 800K More Immigrants Per Year — We’ve Got A Better Idea

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2021

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Why wouldn’t Mexico want America to take up the slack in solving problems their government hasn’t got the ability or the money to solve? But why would we want to oblige them?

Mexico’s longstanding problem with corruption and government pressured, threatened, or bribed by Criminal cartels is well-documented. Even President Enrique Peña Nieto is alleged to have taken a $100 Million dollar bribe from El Chapo.

So any change to US policy suggested by the Mexican government needs to be taken with a grain of salt, or possibly a pallet of salt licks. And the Mexican government is proposing a change — a pretty big one. On top of the increase of ILLEGAL immigration that Joe is welcoming, Mexico is pitching the idea of Joe bringing in 600-800 THOUSAND workers on temporary visas… while many sectors of our economy are not yet recovered from the pandemic.

López Obrador is reportedly expected to propose a new Bracero-style immigrant labor program to Biden, which could bring 600,000 to 800,000 Mexican and Central American immigrants a year to work legally in the United States.

A senior Biden administration official declined to say whether Biden would support or oppose that proposal, but told the Associated Press that both the U.S. and Mexico agree on the need to expand legal pathways for migration. –FoxNews

Republicans need to be smart about how they play this issue. One way or another, Biden WILL see to it that the immigration floodgates open up. That’s what happens when one party controls three houses. But the ‘how’ of their policy still matters… and we can have some say in that, and be sure to frame the issue correctly.

We know, because of that Palmieri memo leak, that Democrats support immigration more because of their thirst for political power than their concern for people.

We also know that the people they are inviting to flow in are not coming as authentic ‘refugee’, but because they are hoping for a financial upgrade from whatever country they come from.

Democrats explicitly OPPOSE the immigration of populations from countries where refugees OPPOSE a socialist regime. Why else would have motivated Democrats to cancel the ‘wet-foot-dry-foot’ policy for people fleeing Communist Cuba?

Republicans could exploit this hypocrisy by putting forward legislation where refugee claimants from specific countries with actual definable famines, earthquakes, governmental collapse, war, or victims of genocide are prioritized over claimants from other poor but generally stable countries.

We might prioritize ordinary refugees from Venezuela, for instance, so long as they aren’t affiliated with Maduro’s regime. We might once again prioritize Cuban refugees or the Uyghur of China. We could identify other parts of the world where citizens have been ill-treated by authoritarian regimes (especially leftists) and might want to start a new life somewhere they won’t be crushed by the authoritarian left. Somewhere they are free to worship without the government imposing restrictions.

Imagine if our immigration laws prioritized 80% of claimants as refugees from specific, identified at-risk regions, countries, and people-groups?

Imagine how the conversation might play out at the border? “Sorry, the spot you are applying for is reserved for people with real need. It’s for people fleeing actual sh*thole countries. Democrats have told us for years that your country is NOT a sh*thole country, so you’ll have to get in line like everyone else.”

This could get us past the problem of coached lines given by activists and immigration lawyers (who make an absolute killing off the system) to would-be asylum seekers answering intake questions. It might even be one step closer to immigration reform.

It puts a burden of proof for refugee status back on the would-be claimants coming in, rather than on lawyers in immigration courts making a case that they don’t actually qualify.

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