MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS: Are We Seeing Big Tech’s Dangerous Takeover Of US Government?

Written by Wes Walker on April 6, 2021

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The Democrats, for the moment, have their mitts on the levers of power that matter. And now, the biggest lobbyists in DC want some favors in return. But what favors?

It was concerning enough when we saw how flagrantly Silicon Valley was flaunting their ability to choke off information flow that supported ideas, policies, or even news they did not want to see enter into the public conversation.

Algorithms were changed such that literally hundreds of conservative websites whose message was inconvenient to the Democrats were bankrupted.

It was all done in the spirit of purging the world of ‘fake news’ of course, while Adam Schiff and his collaborators continued to push their Russia collusion narrative, knowing all along it was untrue, but that it served a purpose in eroding from Republicans among those who take those reports at face value.

We saw the same thing with the suppression of stories harmful to Joe Biden, or helpful to Donald Trump, including Tara Reade’s accusations, Hunter’s Laptop and the testimony of Tony Bobulinski, all the way over to Trump’s multiple Peace Prize nominations for his Middle East peace deals, or the great success of Operation Warp Speed in developing and rolling out several vaccines years faster than had ever previously been accomplished.

Now we are seeing the same party that sees the danger of dark money lurking behind every bush in real danger of selling out the genuine national interest of the public in exchange for the private political interests of the politicians.

Now that Big Tech has a seat at the table, and some favors to call in from key figures in the administration, can we finally admit that the Democratic Party is fully bought and paid for by the three biggest lobby groups in the country?

We’ve mentioned these three companies and their lobbying before… GUESS WHO? Three Corps Outspend ALL Other Industries In Lobbying Dollars… Including Defense Tech

But now we see how they are planning to call in their chips.

The same companies whose slogans were once ‘don’t be evil’ and ‘move fast and break things’ have used the billions of dollars that their government-mandated Section 230 protections have provided them, and have used that money to make the chief decision-makers in power beholden to them.

It’s exactly the same tactic China’s communist party has used to buy off individuals to betray their loyalties to their country, or profession, university or so on by pitting their financial interests against the interests of whatever position made CCP take an interest in them in the first place.

It’s the reason we are concerned about Hunter (and other family financial dealings) having been a pressure point foreign countries could use to leverage Joe against the national interest.

And have you noticed how aggressive those key oversight committee leaders have been in pushing sweeping hard-left agendas despite having a non-mandate in which the government is divided almost perfectly down the middle?

Nearly 93% of all donations made by employees of Facebook and Twitter as well as the companies’ political action committees in 2020 went to Democrats on oversight committees in the House of Representatives, a conservative watchdog group said.

The Internet Accountability Project, whose stated aim is to ”rein in Big Tech before it’s too late,” found that according to data from the non-partisan research group, Democrats were the beneficiaries of ”more than 12 times more money … than Republicans.”

That equated to $5.5 million last year to Democrats and $435,000 to Republicans, according to the IAP.

The IAP suggested that the money is why Democrat-led committees in the House are investigating Facebook and Twitter rival Parler over its supposed role in the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol instead of Facebook and Twitter for what it suggested was a conspiracy with Amazon to deplatform Parler. —NewsMax

Even Ms. Dark Money herself got in on the Big Tech payday.

”Parler’s rising popularity made Parler a viable threat to Facebook and Twitter’s dominance over social media,” the IAP said in a release. ”So together, they colluded with Amazon to destroy Parler and used the horrific attacks on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 as a shameful excuse. Why are Congressional Democrats on the House Oversight Committee investigating Parler? Just follow the money.”

The group cited what it considered one of the most notorious examples, self-proclaimed democratic-socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez receiving $36,346 from both companies’ employees and affiliated PACs compared to less than $1,950 for all Republicans combined on the House oversight committee. —NewsMax

The Biden/Pelosi/Schumer agenda is to push forward a move-fast-and-break-things agenda that was made possible in part due to the direct strings-attached financial manipulation by Zuckerberg of key battleground states, making public institutions beholden to the private will of a billionaire’s personal or corporate interests.

Is this what they really meant when Big Tech admitted they would embrace a civil war that would FORCE the Red States to accept the Californizing of America … whether they wanted it or not?

If this is truly the case, the best thing Republicans could do right now is to invite Senators Manchin and Sinema to caucus with the Republicans to pull the emergency brakes on this train and force a degree of bipartisanship until We The People have their chance to speak and give a mandate in the next election.

Maybe even put them at the top of key committees so they know they will be run according to the center, and not the political fringes.

It’s longshot, to be sure. But at this point, what do the Republicans have to lose?

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