NEW FOOTAGE: Bodycam And Neighbor’s Camera Give Important Context For Ma’Khia’s Final Moments

Written by Wes Walker on April 23, 2021

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Ma’Khia’s body wasn’t yet cold before word went out on social media and her death had become swept up in the usual ‘everything is racist’ activist movement.

But facts are stubborn things.

One explanation for her death has been loudly shouted across politics, ‘mainstream’ news, and social media. Police did not value her life and treated it as disposable.

The other explanation is that the police officer was reacting to a deadly force situation. In that situation, he was forced to choose between intervening, which would possibly kill the attacker, and not intervening, which would possibly leave the victim vulnerable to being killed by the attacker.

The original footage told us a lot, because it showed the few seconds in which the cop had to react to several people involved in an altercation and triage which one was the threat that most needed his immediate attention.

[We reported it here, if you missed it. RELEASED: Bodycam Footage Of 9-1-1 Response Call That Left 16yo Ohio Girl Dead (VIDEO)]

The girl in pink chased by a knife-wielding attacker is what he responded to.

But the first video was silent. It didn’t show us what the officer heard. A neighbor across the street filmed the incident, and that video caught what was said. (It will surprise nobody to learn that the profanity matches the intensity of the situation. Consider yourself warned.)

She announced her intention of attacking the girl in pink with the knife and charged her with it raised above her head.

Not a lot of ambiguity in that situation is there?

And what did the phone call to 911 say?

“We’ve got these grown girls over here, tryin’ to fight us, tryin’ to stab us, tryin’ to put their hands on our grandma, get here now!”

We learned about that, and also got to see a lot more bodycam footage in this video:

So, to recap, the officer knew he was arriving on a scene where a female assailant was threatening others with a knife. Which perfectly matched the situation he walked in on.

If we would spend a little less time rushing to conclusions about what did or did not happen, maybe our public discourse would be a little less overheated.

Unfortunately for us, overheated public discourse is highly profitable, both for news outlets like CNN, but for Marxist activists enjoying the good life in multiple million-dollar homes, too.