DEAR CNN: U.S. Monitoring Iranian Warships That Might Be Heading To Venezuela — Is THAT News?

Written by K. Walker on May 31, 2021

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Well, this can’t be a good development.

Two Iranian warships appear to be on course to Venezuela according to U.S. national security officials.

An Iranian frigate and the Makran, a former oil tanker that was converted to a floating forward staging base, have been heading south along the east coast of Africa, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive subject.

U.S. officials do not know for sure the destination of the Iranian ships, these officials said, but believe they may be ultimately headed for Venezuela. Iran’s intent in sending the vessels in the direction of the Western Hemisphere remains a mystery, the people said, as does their cargo.

This does not portend good things considering Joe Biden has made it pretty clear that he wants to bring back the awful Iran Deal.

The Maduro government has been advised that welcoming Iranian warships is not in their best interests. Both countries are already heavily sanctioned by the United States.

The mere presence of Iranian warships in America’s backyard would represent a challenge to U.S. authority in the region — and would likely inflame the debate in Washington over President Joe Biden’s decision to re-open negotiations with Tehran.

Iranian media has claimed the 755-foot long Makran, which was commissioned this year, can serve as a platform for electronic warfare and special operations missions, and Iranian officials have boasted of the ship’s missile and weapons capabilities. It is able to carry six to seven helicopters, as well as drones, they have said.

The two countries have grown closer in recent years cooperating on things like gasoline shipments and joint car and cement factory projects.

Gee, who knew that unhinged dictators that hate the U.S. would get along?

And who could’ve imagined that Iran would come swooping in to “assist” oil-rich Venezuela in America’s backyard now that the Maduro government has completely run the country into the ground? It’s almost like the way that Iran backs Hamas and Hezbollah.

It seems to be the standard, “We Hate America” quid pro quo sort of relationship.

As Venezuela’s oil refining sector has collapsed in recent years, the Islamic Republic has sent multiple fuel tankers to the country to help with crippling gas shortages. In exchange, Venezuela’s government has supplied Tehran with much-needed cash and helped it build relationships in Latin America.

source: Politico

Oh, good. Venezuela, which can’t afford to provide for its own citizens is sending cash to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

This particular dictatorship bromance seems to be a pretty dangerous one.

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