WATCH: Rapper Pitbull’s Response To The Anti-Communist Protests In Cuba Is Better Than President Biden’s — No, Really…

Written by K. Walker on July 15, 2021

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“Mr. Worldwide” said, “Cubans deserve freedom” and that the world needs to unite to support the Cuban people.

Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents.

On Wednesday, he posted videos on Twitter and Instagram sharing his thoughts on the widespread anti-communist protests taking place in Cuba. 

In the video, he called on the world to come together to support protesters in Cuba who are fed up with the communist regime that has been in power for over 60 years. Because of decades of communist rule, the people are in desperate need of food, medicine, and clean water — but most of all, he says, they need freedom.

Pitbull said that he felt frustrated that he is unable to help “his people” when they are so desperately in need. He even called on fellow Cuban American, Jeff Bezos, to step up and help the people in Cuba.

Although he discussed the practical needs of Cubans, the thrust of his message was clear — it is the freedom that we have and appreciate that the Cuban people need most.

‘We need to stand up, step up and if you don’t understand what’s going on then you need to wake the f*** up,’ the hitmaker, 40, said in a video he posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Pitbull – real name Armando Christian Pérez – went on: ‘Not only is this a Cuba event, Cuba thing, this is a world event.

‘This isn’t about politics, this is about saving lives. This is about unity, not division,’ he said. ‘The bottom line is it’s about taking action.’

He said that as a Cuban-American, he’s frustrated that he can’t get food, medicine and water to ‘his people’, adding that what they most ‘deserve’ is freedom.

He called on governments and global businesses to ‘get together’ and help.

‘We need to figure out solutions while they’re losing their lives over there literally for something that we wake up every day and appreciate, which is freedom,’ he shared.
Source: Daily Mail


As the kids say, “Based!”

Now, I didn’t learn Spanish, but I do know at the end there, he said something about death and liberty. It’s a tremendously American message there, don’t you think?

Here is Biden’s weak statement on the protests in Cuba.

That really is some weak sauce compared to Pitbull’s passionate plea. Especially when the Biden-Harris administration has rolled out the welcome mat on the Southern border but told Cubans that they won’t be permitted to stay — even if they’re facing political retribution from the Cuban regime. (That decision couldn’t have anything to do with the way that most Cuban Americans vote, could it?)

Pitbull — whatever you think of his music — is a guy who keeps his word. Back in 2012, a Boston Phoenix writer had his followers flood a Facebook contest to “exile” Pitbull to the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. Pitbull went there, performed, and it looked like he had a helluva good time — he even invited the prankster to tag along.

Pretty awesome.

Now that same guy is calling on the world to unite behind anti-communist protesters in Cuba and help the Cuban people as they fight for freedom.

It’s truly an American message from someone who recognizes that freedom isn’t free.

It kinda makes you feel like this guy, doesn’t it?

Who would have thought that the message of freedom would be better delivered by a rapper than the sitting President of the United States?

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