FEDS Light Up 11yo Girl With Laser Sights While Serving Jan 6 Warrant On Georgian Farm

Written by Wes Walker on August 16, 2021

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Forty Agents. Four armored vehicles. Seven in the morning — and one terrified little girl.

We’re not surprised by much anymore. The FBI plays favorites based on what political party your issue is aligned with. But there has to be at least SOME kind of a line that gets drawn, isn’t there?

The guy who falsified an email used to justify Crossfire Hurricane got away with probation and gets to keep his law license because of the ‘hardship’ he has faced due to the investigation into his criminal act.

But a frightened eleven-year-old girl had her own government train their weapons on her while 40 agents served a warrant at dawn. Is this really what has become of our ‘justice’ system?

Donnie Hyatt, who lives on a farm about five miles north of Covington, said he was in his car on his long driveway when 40 federal agents in four armored vehicles converged at 7 a.m. Aug. 10 morning to serve a warrant to search the property.

“They had my 11-year-old daughter at gunpoint,” he said. He said his daughter had laser sights trained on her and “is pretty shaken” by the experience. “She still shakes when she talks about it,” he said.

Hyatt said the agents had a warrant, but it was for a sealed investigation and had few details. A spokesman with the FBI declined to comment when contacted by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

… Hyatt said he believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump and thinks the rioters were acting out of frustration, but he said he did not support entering the Capitol.

“I think it was a really dumb decision, but I understand why they did it,” he said. “I’m still angry about (the election). I’m angry about how I’m being treated.”

He said he and his wife listened to a “scanner” during the Capitol breach but they were not in touch with people inside.

“I don’t even know anybody that knows anybody that went in,” he said. — AJC

His affiliation with ‘III% Security Force militia’ was apparently the justification for the raid in which pretty much anything electronic in their home — even their daughter’s tablet — was confiscated.

Nancy Pelosi made a point of saying, during the Impeachment, ‘a Republic — if you can keep it’.

With police state raids pointing guns at little girls, does it really look like those in authority think we still have one? Is this how elected officials in a Republic behave toward the citizens to whom they are accountable?

The kind of government WE think we are operating under is less important than what those holding the levers of power think. Because if they see it as something — anything — else, they will be certain to provide any justification they like to take liberties with, well, our liberties.