LMAO: GOP Truck Driver That Spent $153 On His ENTIRE Campaign Could Oust Democrat NJ Senate President

Written by K. Walker on November 3, 2021

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Dems can’t even blame this tight race on “dark money” groups funding their opponent since he spent less than $200 on his campaign.

After Tuesday night’s thrashing at the polls in multiple states, the humiliation and lamentation of Democrats will continue for some time.

But there’s one particular race that is just delicious…

Democrats are going to go absolutely crazy if the current lead in the Senate race in New Jersey’s 3rd District holds.

Senate President, Steve Sweeney, an entrenched Democrat politician and rumored to be a gubernatorial contender in 2025, could be ousted by a political newcomer who spent almost nothing on his entire campaign.

Edward Durr, a blue-collar patriot, who drives a tractor-trailer, rides a Harley, and is an Eagles fan, is currently in the lead by around 2,000 votes.

Durr didn’t really run much of an ad campaign, had a modest website, and had around 3,000 Twitter followers on election day. He’s now up over 4,000.

Here’s his campaign video:

Great stuff.

Durr did, however, go out there door-to-door and talk to voters, many of whom told him “good luck!” Well, it seems that fortune favors the bold.

In an August interview that has just over 350 views at the time of this writing, Durr explains why he chose to try to take down one a political Goliath in New Jersey — the people in District 3 had “no voice” with Sweeney in office. Durr also discussed his blue-collar job and his door-to-door campaign.

Here is Edward Durr making his campaign pitch:

The race is still too close to call, but you can be sure that this is going to stick in the craw of NJ Dems.

The stunning (potential) upset comes as Republicans fared far better than pundits had predicted. Youngkin defeating McAuliffe in Virginia, as well as the GOP running the table with the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General races, and a nail-biter with the New Jersey governor’s race that has GOP challenger in a dead heat with incumbent Democrat, Phil Murphy.

Dems Lose BIG In 2021 Elections – Here’s The 411

A flip in District 3 could change everything in New Jersey…

…Sweeney, D-Gloucester — the second-most-powerful elected state official after Murphy and a force in New Jersey politics — is on pace to lose to his relatively unknown Republican opponent, Edward Durr. In a stunning twist, Sweeney is trailing Durr by about 2,000 votes as of Wednesday morning…

…Sweeney is the longest-tenured Senate president in New Jersey history, having held the post since 2010. He was expected to serve a seventh term in the position before launching a possible bid for governor in 2025.

Republican challenger Durr has worked as a truck driver for 25 years and is a life-long New Jersey resident, according to his website. Durr ran on a platform of limiting government, reducing taxes and fixing the state’s roads but did not garner much attention during the campaign.

A Sweeney loss would significantly change the landscape of state politics, giving rise to a new Senate president and likely shifting the dynamic between the Legislature and the governor’s office.

As Senate president, Sweeney decides what bills are voted on in the Legislature’s upper chamber and which of the governor’s nominees receive confirmation hearings. He has clashed with Murphy during the past four years on everything from taxes to tax credits. While both are Democrats, Sweeney is seen as a moderate and Murphy as more progressive.
Source: NJ.com Via MSN News

This close race between Sweeney and Durr came out of nowhere.

Libs are losing their minds as Durr’s lead continues to hold.

And it’s doubly delicious since the 2017 race in the 3rd Congressional district was the most expensive state legislative race in American history ultimately costing more than $24 million. This year’s District 3 race isn’t at the top, but thanks to Democrats, the spending did rank in the top five in the state.

Durr is getting a whole lot of love on the right for running such a “frugal” campaign…

Robby Starbuck, a director and producer who is running for Congress in Tennessee, was cheering on Durr on Tuesday night.

In contrast, Steve Sweeney held a fundraiser in July and raised $750,000 in one night.

In his first interview after what could turn out to be the biggest political upset in New Jersey history, Fox 29 misspells Durr’s name in the tweet calling him “Ed Burr.”

Ed Durr was just as shocked as everyone else as the results rolled in.

Let the lesson of Edward Durr in New Jersey’s 3rd Legislative District be told to all Republicans, their children, and their children’s children for all time — a likable candidate with some good ideas who has had it with the left’s crap can really resonate with the electorate and it doesn’t take a bajillion dollars to do it… you can even do it on a shoestring if your opponent is sufficiently awful.

In 2019, Tom Moran wrote a piece on NJ.com that bashed Sweeney and a bunch of other top-level Democrats including Governor(?) Phil Murphy for “dark money” funding.

PSEG just got caught making a secret contribution of $55,000 to a shady political fund supporting Senate President Steve Sweeney, four months after Sweeney pushed through an outrageous bill to subsidize the company’s nuclear power plants by $300 million a year.

Wow. We live in a cynical age for damn good reason. How is a regular working family in New Jersey, saddled with Sweeney’s hefty surcharges on their electric bills, supposed to believe the game is not rigged?

It looks like some pocket change — what one might call “lite money” — may well beat out “dark money” in this race. You love to see it.

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