WTF? VP Kamala Harris Says It’s ‘No One’s Fault That This Virus Hit Our Shores, Or Hit Our World’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on December 21, 2021

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Is she kidding?! Harris herself has blamed someone for the virus back in 2020. Take a wild guess who it was…

Despite the fact that we know that the virus came from China — coincidentally in the same place where a P4 laboratory studies and manipulates bat coronaviruses with the help of NIH funding, and the World Health Organization downplayed that the virus could spread from human-to-human for more than a month at the behest of China, Vice President Kamala Harris found someone else to blame.

In a CBS News interview that aired on Monday, Harris said, “”It is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores, or hit the world.”

She can’t be serious, can she?!

The World Health Organization spread disinformation to the entire world early in the pandemic by saying that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus. The WHO did China’s bidding and accepted whatever the Chinese Communist Party told them as gospel truth — and they did it unquestioningly.

Meanwhile, in China, they were hoarding PPE, whistleblowers were disappearing, and they closed internal borders to slow the spread while still allowing international travel.

The scientific community circled the wagons to discredit the lab leak theory early on. The prestigious scientific journal, “The Lancet”, published a letter dismissing the theory that the virus had its origin in a lab knowing, but not disclosing, that the lead author, Peter Daszak, had a pretty massive conflict of interest and would want to deflect any scrutiny of a certain P4 lab in the virus’s epicenter — Wuhan, China.

Despite the fact that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is able to infect numerous animals from the domestic like cats, dogs, rabbits, and farmed mink, to zoo animals like big cats, hippos, and gorillas, and has even been detected in the wild in white-tailed deer — after testing animal in and around Wuhan, including those from a wet market, there was never an animal carrier found to have been the source of spread to humans in the epicenter of where the virus originated.

Basically, this particular coronavirus can infect a wide variety of animals — pretty much things that walk and have lungs — and even though scientists early on suggested a “natural origin” for the virus, we cannot seem to find the host animal. And yet, suggesting that it came from what amounts to gain-of-function research done by scientists working for EcoHealth Alliance, (with NIH funding,) so that they can splice coronaviruses found in bats just to see what happens, that’s “xenophobic” or something? Puh-leeze.

We all know that China is screwing around with viruses — some of them much more deadly than coronaviruses — but we’re all supposed to pretend that it doesn’t happen.

And yet, according to the Vice President, no one is at fault.

I really hope that Xi Jinping sees this, Madam Vice President.

Oddly, back in August 2020, Harris did find someone to blame… the Bad Orange Man who should have known more than what was being reported by China and the World Health Organization.

That kinda looks like she’s blaming Trump for the virus “hitting our shore.”

By the way, she is right — Trump did cut funding for Obama’s “Predict” program that monitored coronaviruses that could become pandemics.

The Guardian covered it in April 2020 and it included a quote from a fellow whose name you might recognize…

“It was a genius, visionary program that USAid took a big risk to fund and it’s a crying shame it was canceled,” said Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit specialist in tackling wildlife-borne disease that was one of the major partners in the program.

Daszak said he did not know why the initiative was scrapped or if the White House played any direct role in its ending. EcoHealth Alliance has been given a temporary extension to work on the program but the role will finally come to a close in September…

…Predict’s work focused on the dangers of viruses spreading from wildlife to humans and causing possible pandemics like the Covid-19 outbreak that has resulted in much of the world grinding to a halt. It is suspected that Covid-19 made the leap to humans from a bat sold at a Wuhan market.

Daszak said there are an estimated 1.7m mystery viruses in wildlife that may have the potential to transfer to humans and cause another pandemic, making the early detection of these diseases imperative for public health and economic reasons.

Source: The Guardian (Emphasis Added)

So… Predict was allowing EcoHealth Alliance to “monitor” coronaviruses. That’s kind of like allowing the fox to guard the henhouse, isn’t it?

Harris criticized Trump for “mishandling the pandemic response” even though he had formed a Coronavirus Task Force in January 2020. It was mocked as being a bunch of “white men” by critics who dismissed the threat of the coronavirus in the United States. The Coronavirus Task Force was also called a “distraction” from Impeachment 1.0, when even CNN’s Jim Acosta admitted that Trump was distracted from governing because of it.

In the final SOTU speech that Trump made, he spoke about the threat of COVID-19, but that was the speech that Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up.

Which party was taking the threat seriously, again?

When Trump instituted a travel ban from China, he was blasted as racist and “xenophobic” — but a travel ban on countries in South Africa under the Biden-Harris administration because of the spread of the new, mild Omicron variant is totally fine. Hypocrites.

Harris continued to criticize Trump’s pandemic response for months. She downplayed Operation Warp Speed and had publicly stated several times that she would not take the vaccine that the administration that she is a part of is trying to force on everyone.

Here she is during the Vice Presidential debate doing saying that she won’t take the vaccine if Donald Trump says to take it.

Who is it that’s politicizing the pandemic again?

Yet now she wants to pretend like none of that ever happened and that if the lab leak origin is true, then the NIH, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and EcoHealth Alliance, can all just say, “Ooops!” and we don’t hold anyone to account for millions of unnecessary deaths because it’s “no one’s fault.”

Is she crazy?!

Well, I think we all know the answer to that — yes, she is crazy. But she’s also a political hack, and she’s not very good at that.

Still, it’s unbelievable that she’d just say that it’s no one’s fault after trying to pin the blame on the former President for months and months. But of course, the problem is that even though she and Clueless Joe campaigned on ending the pandemic, it’s still raging despite the development of vaccines developed in the previous administration and the creeping authoritarianism of this one.

It’s not like she could tell the truth and treat Americans as though they’re adults — that’s just not something that Democrats do.

Watch the longer segment of the interview with CBS News here:

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