Owens Catches Dems Trying To Sneak Vote Changes Into NASA Bill … And It Gets Worse(VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2022

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How desperate are Dems to upend voter law and rewrite the rules to give them permanent political power? They are THIS desperate!

Don’t let Dems deceive you by invoking ‘Jan 6’ or ‘institutional racism’ as a fig leaf for why it’s so important to institute these electoral changes. When Pelosi got the gavel back in 2018, pushing these same changes was her very FIRST priority in HR 1. The only thing different today is the justification for that same old priority.

But their efforts keep getting blocked because they don’t have the 60 votes to force these changes through the Senate. That won’t stop them from trying. Their latest tactic is trying to hide these demands into otherwise noncontroversial bills that have broad bilateral support.

Here’s a teaser to set the story up.

They couldn’t possibly be THAT bold and open in their corruption, could they? Of course they could… they’re going for broke. And these clowns have the audacity to accuse the Right of being divisive and weaponizing politics?

Here’s Burgess Owens calling them out on their BS. His tweet, in case it gets nuked by the tech overlords, says:

What was once a bipartisan NASA bill now includes provisions that strip power from states, nullify voter ID & give taxpayer dollars to political campaigns.

Democrats have officially lost their minds.

Lost their minds is the charitable explanation. Corrupt and firm in the belief that nobody can stop them from pushing their agenda is the more straightforward explanation. Here is the video.

And here’s our transcript ‘just in case’ anything happens to his video.

Late yesterday afternoon, my Republican colleagues and I learned the Democrats were dropping HR1 and HR4 into supposedly a NASA bill. The American people join me in wondering why Democrats must resort to procedural gimmicks to ram their so-called voting rights bill to the floor. The answer is simple: the Democrats are out of touch with Americans who have repeatedly rejected the Biden administration’s far-left agenda, including its latest attempt to destroy the power of the states to run their own elections.

Unfortunately, we’re hearing the same message today that we’ve heard over and over again from the Democrats: that minority Americans are not smart enough, not educated enough, and are incapable of following basic laws and rules to vote in federal elections. And I personally am offended by this narrative.

Earlier this year, the Democrats, Senate Democrats, held a hearing titled Jim Crow, 2021: the latest assault on the right to vote where they compared the recent voting laws in Georgia to the Jim Crow laws in the days of segregation. As I stated in that hearing, I grew up in the Deep South during an era of actual Jim Crow laws that suppressed voting.

What does actual voter suppression look like? It looks like poll tax, property tests, illiteracy tests, violence and intimidation at the polls. It looks like segregated schools I attended in Florida or segregated water fountains or restrooms that my race was forced to use.

One section of the Georgia law that brought so much outrage from the left simply requires everyone applying for an absentee ballot to include evidence of a government-issued ID on their application.

I can assure you, my friends, minorities are capable of getting driver’s licences, passports, government checks, any number of other acceptable IDs.

Today’s misnamed ‘For The People Act’ won’t fool Americans who have not forgotten how far we’ve come since 1965 and who hold sacred their Constitutional right to vote.

I ask my colleagues to join me in rejecting this latest attempt to remove power from the people in states that best represent them.

If you still needed evidence that the Dems are really getting desperate to seize that power, here you go. Oh, and one more thing… this is the same party pushing vax mandates and passports, right? By their own bogus logic of claiming minorities not having identification, that must be a form of Jim Crow segregation too.

They’re not denouncing Biden’s state of Delaware as racist for their voting laws which are not as generous as Georgia. That’s a tip-off that this is nothing more than a political play.

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