4 Things About Zelensky You Won’t Hear On ‘The News’

Written by Wes Walker on March 22, 2022

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‘Truth is the first casualty of war.’

It is human nature for people to oversimplify complex ideas.

In 1939, Neville Chamberlain was the good guy for securing peace, while Winston Churchill was bothersome nuisance because he couldn’t shut up about the need to take seriously the growing threat of a Time Magazine ‘Man of the Year’ winner named Adolph.

It wasn’t long before we found out who was on the ‘right side’ of history in that exchange.

Not long after that, with Germany and the Axis powers quite clearly identified as the aggressors and the enemy, we viewed anyone willing to fight against them as ‘our side’, often giving little thought to who it was helping us in that fight, or what atrocities they may have perpetrated in the process.

We saw, for instance, the heroic last stand of the Battle of Stalingrad as a defensive battle that was doing its part in grinding down the collective might of Hitler’s war machine.

Churchill himself summed up the dynamic this way: ‘If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.’

War can be like that sometimes. But if we’re not careful that same dynamic can blind us to some uncomfortable truths. Our ‘friends’, the Soviets may have helped stop the Nazi threat, and today’s communists think that alone makes them the good guys, but to say so ignores dark chapters of history like this one: They raped every German female from eight to 80′

Today, the world is recoiling with horror as an aggressor nation today, Russia, has turned an expansionist eye to Ukraine and has been smashing her cities to dust.

Like Stalingrad so many years ago, the defenders are making a heroic and desperate stand among the rubble of ruined cities, and are making the aggressors pay dearly for every inch of their ill-gotten gains.

Naturally, it is in our nature to cheer for the defenders in a situation like this one — especially when we have been conditioned by our media for years that ‘Russia Russia Russia’ is the grave existential threat to America.

But it should give us pause to see that very nearly everyone — everyone — is throwing unblinking heartfelt allegiance to the new hero Zelensky.

In this public support of the Ukrainian president, are we cheering the man or the myth? How much do we know about him really?

In short, is he the Champion of Freedom the West believes him to be?

That’s a question that Tucker Carlson set out to answer. He covered a lot of ground that many of us have not seen from other sources. Did you know, for instance…

1) Crushing political opposition

Opposition Platform For Life, Ukraine’s major opposition party, has been officially banned. ‘Prohibited from all activity in Ukraine’. Was it because they were Russian sympathizers? No. Tucker reports that they, like so many others denounced Russian aggression from day one. (He did the same to 10 other political parties). So Zelensky has turned Ukraine into a de facto one-party state.

2) Absolute state media control

All TV platforms have been amalgamated into a single entity that he controls. A ‘unified information policy’. (We see similar instincts bubbling up in Democrats who want to silence ‘misinformation’, social media voices, ‘hate speech’, and Fox News. Clinton allies in Media Matters even unrolled a White Paper strategy to accomplish exactly that in response to their humiliating defeat in 2016. It was titled MEDIA MATTERS War Plan 2017, and they used precisely those policies to isolate and destroy dissenting voices on the political right, especially in social media. More recently, we have seen Facebook and Twitter doing silencing voices who dissent with official Democrat talking points on Covid or ‘trans’ issues.)

3) The 2021 arrest of a political rival

Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the same opposition party mentioned above, was charged with Treason in May of 2021, and his assets were seized by the state. Western media outlets and governments have connected him to Putin, and that may well be true. But then, these same trusted sources told us about Iraq’s WMDs and tried to implicate Putin in Hillary’s loss and Hunter’s laptop, so such claims are becoming somewhat more difficult to take at face value.

4) The castration of Russian POWs

Strictly speaking, this one isn’t Zelensky, and the guy who said it has retracted and apologized for his statement. But it’s worth noting that he felt comfortable making this statement publicly in the first place. Tucker includes video of a medic running a Ukrainian field hospital who has said he has ‘instructed his doctors to castrate all male Russian soldiers … because they are cockroaches, not people.’ We have seen precisely this sort of dehumanization of the ‘other’ before, and it often opens the door to horrors so unspeakable that even orders to castrate prisoners would seem almost benign by comparison.

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