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LAPTOP FROM HELL: Schweizer Calls Chinese Business Deals An ‘Intelligence Op’, POTUS Implicated

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Now that the NYTimes has admitted the Hunter Biden laptop is real, it’s time we deal with the incriminating content in that laptop… including how it incriminates the sitting President.

Peter Schweizer was among the first newsmakers to gain access to the Hunter Biden laptop, and he answered this exact point as a guest on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday program.

Seventeen long months after news of Hunter’s laptop first broke, the New York Times finally admits it’s a legitimate story. Of course, that line was buried deep in a story in which they highlighted Hunter taking a loan so that he could pay his back taxes (which, conveniently suddenly became a priority now that a Grand Jury was investigating his history).

But the real story, one Peter Schweizer is bringing attention to, is that the now-validated contents of that same laptop provide some seriously incriminating evidence against the sitting President himself.

MARIA BARTIROMO: There are many questions about President Biden’s decision-making on foreign policy, from Afghanistan, to the response to the Ukrainians who are in dire, desperate need of help. Is anything that you have learned as a result of that laptop pointing you toward believing that this president is compromised on his decision-making because of the money he has taken in?

PETER SCHWEIZER: Yes, absolutely, Maria, there’s a couple of things the people have to keep in mind, but first is, if you look at the three big flashpoints in American foreign policy today, Ukraine, Russia, and China, the Biden family has received funds — millions of dollars, in some cases tens of millions of dollars — from powerful individuals connected to the government in each of those countries.

That’s the first factor, the second factor is, this is not just a Hunter Biden story. The New York Times tried to paint it that way. The headline is even Hunter Biden pays his back taxes but the broad investigation continues. But you’re right. They admit that the laptop is real, and what the laptop reveals, Maria, is that Hunter Biden received these funds but the President of the United States, Joe Biden, was a recipient and a beneficiary of those funds. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had intermingled finances; Hunter Biden was paying monthly bills, he was paying for repairs on his home.

So this is a story that goes straight to the President and each of these countries, particularly China, has a policy of using commercial ties, financial ties as leverage over foreign elites. And they clearly have that in this case with Joe Biden.

MB: You have reported that the Biden family took in $31M, how do you get to that number … [discusses the ‘spies who lie’ NYPost cover, and the dishonesty of the ‘intelligence experts’ who called it Russian disinformation] … where will be the accountability for those intelligence officials who signed their name to that document and confirm the $31 Million dollars for us. Where did you get that?

PS: [after opening with praise of NYPost, and criticism of NYT]… As relates to the $31M, that comes from the laptop. Those are the deals that are annunciated. There are emails in which foreign nationals are saying I just wired $5 Million into your account, please confirm receipt, so it’s very clear in black and white, but it’s also important to point out, Marie in the case of China, that $31M came from 4 Chinese businessmen, and each one with links to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. So this is an intelligence operation.

MB: Is that why we’re not hearing details of the call between Biden and Xi Jinping?

Their conversation continued after the break where they talked about the likelihood of Hunter facing charges while his dad was still in office.

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