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WHERE’S HUNTER: Senate Shows Hard Evidence Of Big-Dollar Wire Transfers From CCP To Biden Fam

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The Clintons were known for their infamous Clinton Foundation. The Bidens had a different system.

It was Joe’s family members who profited from his connections. Hunter even said so in that 60 Minutes interview in which the media began their rehabilitation effort of Joe’s wayward son.

This isn’t mere speculation. Even the New York Times reluctantly admitted that the laptop is real, and not ‘Russian disinformation’ as we had been told. By implication, the emails contained therein are also real.

Of course, this had been long since independently corroborated… including by a business associate who had worked for Joe and Hunter. But the story was nevertheless suppressed until long after the election had been safely locked up for Joe.

The fact that the Senate had published a report on related behavior before the 2020 election was not only wrong but deliberately discredited by an indifferent press.

Now that it is public knowledge that Hunter is at the center of an investigation relating to tax avoidance, and with Democrats in power doing everything they can to criminalize their political rivals — from Trump and his circle of advisors right on down to protesters who stood on the lawn outside on that fateful afternoon of January 6th — real evidence of criminal corruption is going unnoticed by most major media outlets. (For context, we remind our readers that an endless stream of baseless criminal allegations was one of the strategies laid out in the actual political playbook — full document here — put out by Media Matters even before Trump had been sworn in.)

Chuck Grassley has laid out chapter and verse, with supporting documents showing how the sitting president’s son has been on the take from the Chinese Government.

He stood up and made his case, including documents that had not been previously made public…

This began as a government inquiry into a specific transaction back in 2019. With their committee roles at the time, they looked further into financial dealings with foreign entities, especially those connected to the military and intelligence branches of government. The connections to Chinese Oil interests, in particular, are interesting in light of his father’s aggressive anti-oil stance.

There’s also a part two to this video, from the following day.

What he found was extensive, and well worth watching the 15 min speeches in their entirety. As he closes, he promises to use future addresses to show further links between Hunter Biden, Joe’s brother, and several named companies and Chinese counterparts that show strong evidence of financial entanglements between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist government.

He posted the relevant documentary support.

Hell, Hunter incriminated himself in his own voice with the recording in which he talked about his personal connections to the spy chief of China. Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

Here are a few stories that make a lot more sense when viewed in light of this Biden Family China Connection:

BIDEN’S BANANA REPUBLIC: DOJ Demands Trump’s Taxes… Drops Investigation Into Chinese Spy

Beijing Biden’s Administration Cuts U.S. Tariffs On Over 350 Products Made In China

HEY JOE: Why’d You Reverse Trump’s Order Banning Communist China’s Propaganda In Schools?

Even the (supposedly) green energy policies Dems have been pushing are written in a way that gives a distinct advantage to Chinese-made ‘green’ energy products that uses Chinese manufacturing.

What are the chances that Swalwell’s Fang Fang isn’t the only Fang-Fang in circulation? Better than average.

With stories that Madison Crawford has been sharing about the culture of open degeneracy in the DC swamp, future revelations of honeypots, kickbacks, or blackmail would hardly be surprising.

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Wes Walker

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