Is THIS Antisemitism? Famous Human Rights NGO Believes Israel Should’t Exist

Written by Wes Walker on April 4, 2022

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We live in an upside-down world where criticizing the dubious causes behind which Soros throws his billions is ‘antisemetic’ but calling for the abolition of the state of Israel is not.

Good luck trying to square that circle. But that’s the magic of supporting leftist causes. If the logic doesn’t work, you just tweak the meaning of words until it supports your position.

There are a number of human rights organizations around the world that got their start by following the example set by groups like the Red Cross. Don’t take sides in political conflicts, just advocate for the rights of individual people.

A noble idea, if you can hold to your mandate.

Less so if you become just another organ in a partisan network of left-wing activism. And like so many social causes, it didn’t merely drift to the left, it cranked the wheel hard, and drove headlong into the ditch.

We’ve often held the UN up as an example of Human Rights activism being a parody of itself. Most recently: Russia-Aligned UN ‘Human Rights Council’ Defends Putin, Blasts Western Sanctions — Is THIS News?

And they’ve got a special hatred in their hearts for the nation of Israel: DEFUND THE UN: Israeli UN Ambassador Barred From Showing UNRWA Teacher’s Pro-Hitler Social Media Post

But you would hope an internationally respected NGO would be better than the corrupt mess the United Nations have devolved into… wouldn’t you?

Well, if so, you would be sadly disappointed.

Paul O’Brien is director of Amnesty International’s US branch. And tucked away in a story where Jewish Democrats were raging at his framing of a particular issue about Israel, was the following nugget:

O’Brien told a reporter at the luncheon that Amnesty did not believe Israel should exist as a Jewish state. In the letter, he clarified that Amnesty was not taking a position on Israel’s Jewish status, but was referring to its 2018 Nation-State law, which he said “explicitly denies the right of self-determination to a part of Israel’s citizenry.”

…O’Brien’s remarks came after Amnesty in a report said it determined that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank amounted to apartheid. — JerusalemPost

The organizations denials of this allegation took the expected form, invoking the typical platitudes and words like tolerance, which you can find in the source link.

How is it that criticism of Soros bankrolling soft-on-crime DAs to fray our social fabric is unfair and racially biased, but calling an entire nation illegitimate and apartheid, while their ‘innocent’ neighbors have been literally paying citizens to perform terrorist acts against them, is not?

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