WTF? Dem Lawmaker Wants To Send SOCIAL WORKERS Not Law Enforcement To The Border (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 7, 2022

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Dems apparently didn’t learn that their “defund the police” strategy didn’t work, so they’re pushing to use the same tactic at the Southern Border. What could possibly go wrong?

The Biden-Harris administration has instituted a new “humane” border policy that has been greeted with a flood of economic migrants sporting “Biden Let Us In” t-shirts as they bypass immigration law. Also cheering are the human trafficking cartels that bring people across the border illegally… for a tidy fee.

While many American businesses are still struggling with the aftermath of 2 years of shutdowns, capacity restrictions, and supply chain disruptions, the cartels don’t have to worry about any of that. There is always demand to enter the U.S. illegally and business is booming for them under Biden’s “humane” border policy.

We’re seeing record high numbers of unlawful entry at the Southern Border — over 4,000 illegal entry encounters per day. This is expected to balloon in the next few weeks and doesn’t even include the “got aways” which are clearly much higher.

The Biden-Harris administration is committed to making things much worse by ending the Title 42 public health restrictions put in place by the Trump administration that would prevent people from being granted entry due to the ongoing pandemic.

BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: Obama’s Immigration Chief Puts Surging Border Numbers In Stark Perspective

Maybe Biden is looking to boost his consistently disappointing jobs numbers by including the uptick in coyotes illegally smuggling desperate people across the border.

We already know that he’s quietly shuttling illegals into red states in the middle of the night — although he’s getting some pushback on that from GOP governors like Abbot in Texas and DeSantis in Florida.

Whatever the reason, the U.S. is looking at up to 6.5 million people entering the country illegally over the next year, with half a million of those in just the next few weeks alone. It’s insane and only going to get worse.

Last year, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas said that the number of migrant encounters — which were much lower than they are now — was unsustainable.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Admits The Situation At The Border Is ‘Unsustainable’ In Leaked Audio

The massive $1.5 trillion spending bill passed last month increased spending for Green New Deal priorities but slashed spending for border security by nearly half a billion dollars. This means that there will have to be cuts somewhere and it’s likely that will be in personnel.

It is quite apparent that Democrats do not want to secure the border.

Instead of looking for ways to slow that down, Democrats are shoving the borders open even wider.

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (D-TX) who represents El Paso, was on MSNBC on Thursday morning and said that she has made a proposal to the Biden-Harris administration on “civilianizing” Border Patrol — she wants to replace law enforcement with social workers.

Yes, you read that right.

Social workers.

At the border.

To deal with the influx of illegal aliens and drugs being smuggled into the country by cartel members who shoot across the border at law enforcement, rape desperate women and girls fleeing Central American hell-holes, and abandon children to die in the desert.

This means several things: (a) no one will be turned away — which isn’t much different than what’s happening now; and (b) social workers will be put at risk unless they’re armed, and you know that the hysterical anti-2A Dems wouldn’t go for that.

These are not serious people.

This sort of thing isn’t unexpected from the nutty, far-left “open borders” crowd.

The insane part is that the Biden-Harris administration (which is clearly just a Trojan Horse for the policies of the radical left,) is quite receptive to her completely insane idea.

In the first clip, Rep. Escobar and MSNBC host José Díaz-Balart talk about the refugees from Ukraine and the border crisis. They don’t seem to realize that Ukrainians fleeing the absolute atrocities that we’re now seeing in their homeland and claiming asylum is very different than people that want to cross into the United States for better economic opportunities and to get away from corrupt s-hole countries.

Interestingly, Rep. Escobar admits that people from all over the world are now flooding into the United States through Biden’s Broken Border.

Can we talk for a sec about how these leftwing nutbars insist on putting on an accent when discussing foreign places? It seems so patronizing when Obama would say Pah-key-stahn (Pakistan) and AOC always has to “code switch” and roll her Rs when she talks about ¡Puerrrto Rrrico! Díaz-Balart must’ve forgotten that he was supposed to lean into his heritage when saying Cuba, but remembered halfway through Venezuela, and tried to make up for it with Nicaragua.

It’s a bit too on the nose that Congresswoman Escobar is soft on border security. But hey, it’s not her fault that she shares the same surname as a notorious drug lord.

Back to the issue at hand…

Rep. Escobar then explains how she would prefer to have less law enforcement at the border and has discussed this with DHS Secretary Mayorkas who didn’t want to let in Cuban refugees fleeing persecution last summer but continues to roll out the welcome mat for economic migrants from all over the world. He was quite receptive.

Hello there, Crazy Lady…

What if I told you that when someone crosses the border at an unlawful point of entry or gets smuggled into the country by cartels who have stacked people like cordwood into the back of a truck and drove them across the border — those acts are violations of immigration law.

If people have done something that violates the law then you need law enforcement officers to deal with that.

And let’s not forget the drugs that are being brought across the border. This isn’t just young, a few desperate families and their abuelas crossing into the U.S. yearning to be free — there are some bad hombres with criminal records and fentanyl crossing the border to poison people with their drugs. Not to mention people on the terror watch list that manage to sneak in.

You’ll not be surprised to learn that Rep. Escobar received a hearty endorsement from the dirt-eating, dress-wearing, skate-boarding, Furry himself — Beto O’Rourke. Yes, Robert Francis appeared in an ad to endorse Escobar and he was speaking Spanish, of course.

Rep. Escobar is in a firmly Dem district, but she’s facing a primary challenge from Deliris Montanez Berrios, who is a U.S. Army veteran and a former Border Patrol agent who wants to actually secure the border, so we’ll see how that works out in the primaries.

If Escobar does win the Primary, she’s still going to be facing a tough battle with a Red Wave that’s coming.

Dems and Independents turning on the Shambling Husk of Mediocrity and his Cackling Sidekick because everything they touch turns to crap. From inflation to foreign policy, everything is bad, and the situation at the border is getting much worse thanks to the incompetent leadership in the White House.

Good luck in November with this “social workers not law enforcement” pitch, Crazy Lady!

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