Hey Gaia-Worshippers: Another Electric Bus Depot Just Exploded Into Flames… Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on May 23, 2022

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Is the carbon footprint of a bus depot with a few buses still in it better or worse than the carbon footprint of a regular bus with a diesel engine? We’re ‘asking for a friend’.

Because the possibility — or even the likelihood — of these batteries having some kind of a flaw in them that would make them burst into flame is a consideration that really ought to be taken into account. Don’t you think so?

This question has become relevant again because a bus depot in London became a raging inferno over the weekend.

Eyewitness Shaun Cunningham said he heard an “unbelievable noise that sounded like a jet” and he saw a bus had “exploded into a ball of flames”.

The fire service said it received “numerous calls” and was working with police to evacuate the area.

…Mr Cunningham, who lives nearby, said: “I just heard an unbelievable noise that sounded like a jet and when I looked out my window, one of the buses exploded in a ball of flames.”

People reported on Twitter that the smoke could be seen in St Albans, about 11 miles (18km) away. — BBC

At least four buses were acknowledged as being destroyed in the blaze, but if this photo tells us anything, that number could go higher.

If this is the technology that Biden’s party is so giddy about switching our economy’s public transportation over to… why have some European countries already abandoned it?

Here’s someone bringing attention to this ‘explosive’ trend several years ago.

From another story in today’s news cycle:

A Tesla driver said he had to kick out the window of his Model Y to escape a fire after the electric car lost power in Vancouver, Canada on Friday.

The owner, Jamil Jutha, told CTV News in Vancouver that the car shut down while he was stopped near an intersection. It lost all power to its electronic components, including the vehicle’s electric door handle, he said. Smoke then began to fill the car through the air vents, Jutha told the local news outlet.

“The doors wouldn’t open. The windows wouldn’t go down,” he told CTV News, saying he panicked. “I kicked through the window, climbed out and called 911 right away,” he added. —MSN

So, you put a gun to our heads, insisting that the one group least likely to catch the ‘rona or get seriously ill from it should stop going to school because it’s ‘too dangerous’.

Meanwhile, we haven’t figured out how to keep the batteries on electric vehicles from spontaneously combusting, but you are putting another gun to our heads in forcing us to change. And you expect us to think you are NOT an arrogant authoritarian idiot who should be kept as far from the levers of political power as our votes can possibly take you?

Maybe there’s a reason the left’s popularity is hovering somewhere around Pee Wee Herman’s these days.

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