Jaeson Jones Report: People Are Dropping Dead At The Border … Do THEIR Lives Matter? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 9, 2022

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Jaeson Jones and the Newsmax team are once again embedded with border enforcement, seeing firsthand the crisis that Biden and his media enablers have been refusing to talk about.

This time Jaeson is embedding with the Texas Department of Public safety elite aircraft division.

This 8-minute video shows the horrors the people being smuggled have to endure, ‘like commodities’. Border enforcement routinely finds the corpses of people who didn’t survive the trip that Biden, Kamala, and AOC are openly encouraging these people to take.

Will AOC set up a photo-op in front of another chain-link fence to cry over the corpses of the illegal aliens that she and her political allies have been inviting to risk life and limb for some kind of political advantage on their part?

It’s not like AOC pays the price. And why would the criminal cartels care, since they have already been paid. One victim was found dead only 20 feet from the I-10.

‘I can’t tell you how many dead bodies I’ve hauled out of this because of the terrain, because they got left behind, because they got rattlesnake bit, because they froze to death. It’s those missions that, you’re like, damn, I feel sorry for them, you know?’ –Capt. David Riggs

We ask again, do the lives of these poor unfortunates mean anything to elected Democrats?

These deaths are the direct consequence of an act

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