Pelosi TALKS ‘Women’s Health’ But DeSantis CLOSED An Unsafe Abortion Mill

Written by Wes Walker on May 24, 2022

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It’s almost a mantra now: abortion is reproductive ‘health care’. Is ‘health care’ really the right word to use when the patient winds up in the hospital, requiring life-saving surgery?

Thanks to the efforts of a pro-life advocate, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration has looked into reports of dangerous medical malfeasance at an abortion mill in Pensacola, and has ordered them closed.

Because of how the horrors exposed would cut against the regime’s narrative in support of a massive expansion of Roe v Wade, don’t expect the gory details of this story to be widely covered. At most, there may be talk about a ‘Family planning agency’ being closed down and it was the fault of those mean pro-lifers.

If they do happen to play that card, you are about to know the parts of the story they won’t have heard about.

The ruling was that American Family Planning, in Pensacola will be closed until there can be a hearing.

Why would they need a hearing? In the span of 9 months, three women who had been patients at one abortion provider wound up in the hospital with very serious — sometimes life-threatening — conditions. They were the kind of conditions activists are very careful NOT to talk about in the context of abortion.

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) issued an order on Friday closing American Family Planning until an administrative hearing can be held.

The order came after Reprotection, a nonprofit dedicated to catching abortion providers breaking laws and using local authorities to bring them to justice, began investigating the clinic.

In all three cases, the abortionist and clinic staff failed to report patient hospitalizations within the ten days required, according to the order. They also reportedly failed to keep a record of the patients’ vital signs during the procedures. —NationalReview

Here’s a plain-English summary of what the inquiry looked into.

Patient one had an abortion in August of 2021. She needed extensive surgery to repair the severe damage done to her internal organs. She needed perforation of her uterus repaired and an endoscope in the bladder. Worse still, she had parts of her large intestine removed, and a colostomy. (A colostomy, if you don’t know, is the creation of an artifical anus by making a surgical hole in the abdomen and feeding part of the intestine through it.)

The abortion provider did not obey the law because they failed to report these injuries.

Those are some radically life-changing surgeries that this poor woman would have had no expectation of needing before having that ‘routine’ abortion.

Patient two had her appointment in March, with a procedure in which her cervix was to be opened. She was badly injured in the process, losing an amount of blood that the abortionist did not record. She had no pulse and was rushed to ER. The emergency personnel described the abortion clinic where they found the victim as having ‘pools of blood’.

It is reasonable to assume she had a pulse when she arrived at the abortion clinic. But at some moment between the time she donned the hospital gown and when ER saved her life, that changed. As complications go, not having a pulse is pretty serious.

Both the left and right walls of her uterus had big holes in them. The whole system was too damaged to salvage, and she required a radical hysterectomy. Like patient one, patient two suffered a massive unplanned life-altering event as a consequence of the decision to have an abortion.

However badly they screw up the surgical side are pills a safer option that they can’t get wrong ..? That sums up one of the talking points all the protesters have been chanting lately.

That’s where patient three comes into the story. She was nineteen weeks along and took an abortifacient pill. Contrary to the legal requirements of remaining in an examination room with her vital signs being monitored, the woman was told to wait in the car with her husband.

As you might expect, things went badly for her, too. Because of ‘possible uterine rupture and cervical lacerations’ they did not complete the procedure. She was told to drive to a hospital, but not the one where the doctor who had performed the abortion has privileges.

The clinic instructed her husband to drive to a hospital an hour away in Mobile, Ala., rather than using a hospital in Pensacola as the husband advocated and as required under the clinic’s license.

Upon arriving at the hospital, she had “undetectable blood pressure” and “required resuscitation and mass transfusion,” the order says.

The abortionist failed to communicate with hospital physicians about the three patients’ conditions and what procedures had been done as required under the clinic’s license.

How would the doctor be expected to fulfill his legal obligations to a patient if he doesn’t even know what they are? (He admitted he doesn’t know.)

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Liz Warren and all the rest have spent a lot of time raging about the ‘dangers’ posed by limiting abortion. They invoke phantoms of back-alley coat-hanger abortions. That’s misinformation. We know that old coat-hanger narrative was a lie because Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the NARAL co-founder responsible for it has admitted to fabricating it.

We sure have strayed a long way from ‘safe, legal, and rare’, haven’t we?

If they really cared about the health of women, these prominent Dems would be joining Gov DeSantis in shutting down each and every profiteer who plays fast and loose with the health and safety of his vulnerable and often desperate patients.

Ron DeSantis is intent on saving the lives of the mother and the child.

Pelosi doesn’t even seem to care about the lives of the mothers.

She’s the most aggressively pro-abortion Democrat we’ve seen in a long time. If she’s clearly not interested in representing the interests of the unborn OR the women going under the knife… what interest group is she REALLY representing?

And why?

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