REPORT: ‘Sugar Brother’ Paid Off Hunter Biden’s $2M Tax Bill And Funds His Lifestyle

Written by K. Walker on May 9, 2022

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The investigation into Hunter Biden’s unpaid taxes just keeps getting more and more interesting…

A big-shot Hollywood lawyer who represented the creators of “South Park” and won a Tony award as a co-producer for the musical, “The Book of Mormon” has been funding 52-year-old Hunter Biden’s lifestyle and paid off his delinquent taxes.

A new report by the New York Post reveals that Kevin Morris, an entertainment attorney, paid off $2 million in outstanding taxes owed by Hunter Biden.

In 2019, The Federalist reported that the IRS placed a tax lien for $112,805 on Hunter Biden and his ex-wife Kathleen Biden for unpaid taxes.

During his divorce in 2016, Kathleen Biden said that the couple was in a massive amount of debt with maxed-out credit cards, second mortgages on properties, and a tax debt of at least $313,970.

It’s pretty incredible considering Hunter was making somewhere in the ballpark of $80k/month while on the board of Burisma — and that’s in addition to his other overseas business deals.

But then, when you drop tens of thousands on hookers and drugs every weekend at different swanky hotels, the money goes pretty fast.

During his paternity suit, Hunter Biden was crying poor, but he managed to move into some new digs in the Hollywood Hills. It appears his buddy Morris is the one that was footing the bill for the First Son’s rent and living expenses.

A big-shot Hollywood lawyer reportedly paid off Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes — which a source told The Post amounted to more than $2 million — as President Biden’s notoriously troubled son awaits the results of a Delaware grand jury’s investigation into his personal finances.

Kevin Morris, an entertainment attorney and novelist who earned a fortune representing the co-creators of “South Park” and won a Tony Award as the co-producer of “The Book of Mormon,” footed Hunter Biden’s overdue taxes totaling over $2 million — more than twice what was previously reported, a source familiar with conversations between the two told The Post.

Morris, whom Hunter Biden’s friends call his latest “sugar brother,” has also been funding the 52-year-old’s lifestyle in Los Angeles — including his rent and living expenses, the source said.

The attorney has also been advising the president’s son on how to structure his art sales, according to the source.
Source: New York Post

Morris was one of the founding members of the firm Morris Yorn Barnes Levine in Los Angeles, which represented A-list celebs such as Matthew McConaughey, Ellen DeGeneres, Scarlett Johansson, Liam Hemsworth, and Chris Rock.

Morris is also “crafting a legal and media strategy for Hunter Biden” according to CBS News.

CBS News also reports that Morris is also working on a documentary chronicling Hunter Biden’s life in order to counter the conservative media coverage that has highlighted the rather shady and depraved side of the President’s son.

Hunter Biden is about to get a whole identity makeover by Morris, and you just know that the Regime Media will push it because they want to have this guy redeemed.

While it’s pretty awful that the Bidens appear to have been monetizing Joe’s time in office, it’s not Hunter Biden that is the worst person in this scenario — it’s Joe.

What The Hunter Biden Texts And Emails Reveal About Joe Biden As A Father

Only an opportunistic a-hole would use his clearly troubled son as the bagman for an influence-peddling scheme.

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