VINDICATED: Trump Takes Victory Lap Over Hillary Using Her Campaign Mgr’s Testimony (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 23, 2022

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For years, Hillary has been unable to finish any sentence with Trump’s name in it without finding some way of also invoking Russia.

She’s been desperate to have us believe that she is the ‘real’ winner of 2020, except for those meddling Russians. Since 2020, we’ve been told that any such talk is unpatriotic. It casts doubt on our institutions, and it suppresses the vote. But the rules about that 2016 election, despite several lines of evidence casting doubt on the process (including GOTV efforts Wisconsin has called ‘bribery’ and meaningful evidence suggesting people carried stacks of ballots to battleground states) are very different than the rules of 2020.

If Hillary were judged by 2020 standards, she’d be accused of spreading ‘The Big Lie’, after all, even Obama admitted that the election was NOT rigged. Is he part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, too?

Unfortunately for Hillary sworn testimony given in a court of law is throwing her Russian Hoax conspiracy back in her own face. Are there connections to Russia? Only if you count the ones cited by the foreign spy who created that Discredited Dossier to sabotage Trump in the first place.

Evidence is piling up to show that Hillary herself was an active force between this attempt to use false allegations to destroy a political rival.

As ClashDaily reported on Friday, Hillary’s Campaign Manager just threw her under the (campaign) bus. Ex-Clinton Campaign Manager Says Hillary PERSONALLY Approved Leaking Disinfo On Trump To The Media

Trump wasted no time using that information to vindicate his tarnished reputation.

We know that we’re not in a fair fight. We’re up against people who are using their connections to stack the deck against us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t win anyway.

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