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YO, ABORTION ACTIVISTS: That SCOTUS Leak Is Already Backfiring Big-Time!

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The unspoken fear that rippled through the GOP ranks when the SCOTUS leak went public was that this would break the Republican momentum and energize the Democrat base. It seems to be doing exactly the opposite.

The issue Dem strategists may have hoped would serve as a political lifeline might actually be attached to an anchor. This news might be further energizing the Red Team.

To the contrary, a new CNN poll suggests that the leaked draft may not increase Democratic turnout in the fast-approaching midterms.

“The share of registered voters who say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting this fall rose 6 points between the first survey and the second, but that increase is about even across party lines,” CNN reported. “Among Democrats, 43% now say they are extremely or very enthusiastic, up 7 points. Among Republicans, it’s 56%, up 9 points. And voters who say overturning Roe would make them ‘happy’ are nearly twice as enthusiastic about voting this fall as those who say such a ruling would leave them ‘angry’ (38% extremely enthusiastic among those happy, 20% among those angry).” —DailyWire

But it goes deeper than just the election itself. For the first time in a generation or more, there is serious discussion about the content of the abortion laws themselves, and their implications.

Pro-life Republicans may take for granted that what they know about the law is common knowledge. But it’s not.

Even Bill Maher took a moment away from mocking pro-life Christians to make a startling admission of ignorance on his show this past Friday:

Maher said, “I learned things this week, because this put it on the front page, that are pretty basic things that I did not know about abortion. Like in Europe, the modern countries of Europe, way more restrictive than we are or what they’re even proposing. If you are pro-choice, you would like it a lot less in Germany and Italy and France and Spain and Switzerland. … I learned most people who are pro-life are women, did not know that. Most abortions are from…mothers — people who have a kid. … I thought this was interesting, most abortions now, even when you go to a clinic, are done with the pill. And pills are easy to get in America, we know that. So, for the people who say we’re going back to 1973 — we’re not. That’s just factually inaccurate.” —Breitbart

Why is this good news for pro-life advocates?

Because for many people, the pro-abortion position rests on a foundation of ignorance, apathy, or assumptions. It’s when they learn broader context that they start to ask the kind of questions that lead people to reconsider those assumptions.

Broader context like this harsh truth:

There are 195 countries in the world. Only SEVEN permit elective abortions beyond 20 weeks.

Those seven countries are: Canada, China, Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam.

Vietnam caps abortion at 22 weeks.

Singapore, and Netherlands cap them at 24 weeks. Canada is a special case because its Supreme Court struck down existing abortion laws in the 80s, and instructed the government to replace them with better laws. Because Canadian politicans were too gutless to pass any replacement laws to govern abortion, there are no laws at all that do so.

That leaves America — which has intentionally embraced abortion right up to delivery — in very select company, sharing an ideology on life in the womb with only two other countries: China and North Korea.

Do those two countries REALLY represent the values we want to be fellow-travelers with?

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Wes Walker

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