Dems & NeverTrumpers Take Their L’s In Yesterday’s Elections — Here’s Why

Written by Wes Walker on June 15, 2022

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Today is a good day to be team MAGA. But for NeverTrump RINOs and incumbent Democrats? Not so much. Let’s look at two of yesterday’s races in particular.

Five-term incumbent Tom Rice, who voted to impeach Trump, will have to dust off his resume as his Trump-backed challenger just sent him packing in the primaries.

South Carolina is saying goodbye to its incumbent. The GOP will be sending someone else in his place this year.

State lawmaker Russell Fry defeated Rice in the 7th Congressional District when he garnered roughly double the number of votes the congress member received in the Republican primary election.

By the time the race was called by The Associated Press, Fry had earned 51% of votes compared to the incumbent’s 25% — with about 95% of votes tallied.

Fry, who was elected to the state legislature in 2015, was endorsed by Trump and has repeatedly slammed Rice as a RINO, a.k.a. Republican In Name Only.

Rice was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump on a count of incitement of insurrection following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. —NYPost

Kicked. His. Ass.

That wasn’t the only interesting development in yesterday’s voting, either.

Republicans picked up a seat in yesterday’s special election in Texas.

It’s exactly the kind of electoral win that sets up Democrats’ worst nightmare scenario. Not only did Democrats lose a district that would have been seen as pretty safe not so long ago, but the win itself will send shockwaves through the party.

For one thing, Republicans have just sent the very first Mexican-born Congresswoman to DC. That’s going to blow some holes in the Democrats’ favorite narrative about GOP being populated by ‘white supremacists’.

What’s worse for them is the fact that she’s from a blue-collar healthcare background and her husband works in border enforcement.

But the worst of the news — from the Dem perspective — must be who showed up to give Mayra Flores her win.

Flores defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez to represent the state’s 34th Congressional District by about 51 to 43 percent of the vote, with 97 percent of the expected vote in, NBC News projects.

…Flores, who has worked as a health care worker and touted her husband’s job as a border patrol agent in campaign ads, was the leading candidate in polls ahead of the election. Sanchez, who works as an attorney, trailed Flores in fundraising and barely aired any ads. –NBC

The most devastating part of this election is best explained with a graphic.

Flores defeated her Democrat opponent by 8 points in a district that’s 85% hispanic.

Do you have any idea what that would mean for Democrat electoral chances if that trend of hispanics showing up to vote Republican was more than just a local blip?

You could be looking at Dem defeats on a scale not seen since Walter Mondale.

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